Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 9]

Page 9

  Petra was half expecting to be greeted by an angel wearing a white robe.  The man that stepped into her room looked more like a repairman than an angel.  He opened the conversation with a simple, "Hey girl!".
   Although, for the life of her, she could not place the face, she immediately sensed an unexpected bond with him and ran right up and gave him a hug.

   Now, even more so, it felt like a reunion of old friends.  Her visitor could sense what was going through her mind and began to introduce himself. 
   "My name is Dixon, Dixon Knight", he said. 

   "I don't remember...." she started, but was suddenly seeing a vision of the two of them, each dressed in a white tunic with a red cross on the front, standing on the deck of a ship that was sailing west.  As the vision ended, she completed her sentence with, "..., mon ami."
   "Ah, you are starting to remember, now", he assured her.  "Those were trying times, when we swore our mutual support, in attaining the goal of being here, in this place, today."

  Petra pointed towards the wall and and a couch materialized.  "Come, sit down, there is much to talk about.", she offered.  They sat down and Dixon took a quick look around the room.  Petra noticed he seemed quite interested in the pipe organ and began by telling him about the sound it had produced.  She felt sure, that he too enjoyed playing a variety of musical instruments and invited him to use it, any time he wished. 

   "Oh, you bet I will,", was his enthusiastic reply, "but, business first."

  He reached behind himself and pulled out something that looked like an electronic book.  It had a display screen and four smooth knobs on the front.  He placed the device in her hand.

  " I thought you might find this pretty handy", he said, as the device began to display a page from a book.  " You can pull it out of nowhere, anytime you need it, and it can call up any book or web page ever written.  No need to type in a search word, it instantly follows your train of thought and brings up the closest thing to it. It can even make contact with individuals, the same way your computer did."

   As she played with the controls, he continued, " While you're here, in New Jerusalem, you will meet many friends and teachers, who will help you to recall things learned in past life times, as well as principles, as yet unknown to you.  You and I are members of a group that is gathering to learn the Keys of Knowledge."

  As he said this, the display screen changed to a picture, showing a group of faces, centered around the New Jerusalem Structure.  " That's some of the group", he pointed out.  " Because you and I have been so close, in the past, I am in tune with you and have been sharing your adventures with them." 

   " Are you our teacher then", she asked timidly.
   " Oh, heavens no!", he chuckled.  " I'm a student, mostly. That jovial teddy bear, next to Glenda, is the dude that's doing all the teaching. "
   " Wow! Is he like a Saint or something?"
   "Well", Dixon volunteered, " He says he's just a plain old Joe, from Idaho, but most of us are of the opinion that there is a lot more to him than he lets on."

  " I wish I could spend more time here with you, but I've got some challenges that need work, back in the 9 to 5 world.  I'll be in constant contact though.  Meanwhile, remember the New Jerusalem Meditation, that you read about.  You've got some more people to meet.  Check out the four walls of your room."
   She reluctantly placed the guide book on the couch, to her right, and was going to thank Dixon and offer to see him to the door.

  But, when she return her gaze to his place beside her, she was surprised to find, he had vanished, leaving her alone.  Or was she?

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