Friday, March 28, 2014

640x480 :(

Wish I had better gear, but this is the best my system has, at this time

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Get out of jail card

Getting out of hell, or for that matter anything else that holds us away from joy,
requires that we learn the cause of our being there and knowing the steps 
needed to walk away from it. At our core, we are that which decides. Believe it or 
not, we get into hell and other undesireable situations because we decided to be 
there. DK calls this "identifying" with things. "I am that I am" is God's true name 
and it is also ours. Our eternal spirit is drawn into the world of form, what Gnostics 
call hell, because we periodically identify with matter. 
Getting stuck in matter comes natural to all of us and we have other names for it, like hangups, bad 
habbits and addictions. Fortunately, the Bible provides a "get out of jail" card. 
Within it's pages can be found the steps to free us from these sticky "matters".
Centuries ago, the Quakers outlined these steps into a planned program, which 
has come to be known as a "twelve step program". Countless "Anonymous" 
groups exist to help us walk away from our addictions. The same set of steps will 
help you free yourself from all "things that matter".

Me: Hello, my name is ______ and I am .........a Human
Group: Hello _______, welcome to Humans Anonymous. It works, if you work it. 
Keep comming back.

Monday, March 17, 2014

PXL intro

This is to introduce my artifact, known as PXL, Pneumatic Crystal Lattice.
A single PXL is an inflated equalateral triangle, having two sides, a fill valve and external seams with multiple grommet holes on each. In the following photo there are 20 PXLs, assembled into an ultra-light rigid structure. This prototype was made from clear vinyl shower curtains, beachball valves and shoelace grommets. They have 12" sides. When filled with water, a PXL this size weighs about 15lb. Filled with air, these 20 PXLs will keep 300lbs. afloat.

Adding more PXLs to the assembly, to the left and right, creates a beam or column. Adding more in both X and Y will poduce floors, walls and ceilings. All assemblies, because of cellular construction, have high strength to weight, due to synergy.

I have a web page that explains how PXLs work at

I have decided to produce and sell PXLs to the world. The first production model will be 3' sides. I am seeking a company to make these for me and will create a Kickstarter fund raiser to get the money to tool up and manufacture the first several thousand units. From there, I will demonstrate them to the public and take orders for additional units. I would also be open to teaming up with the manufacturer, enabling them to also sell the product. I would like to know what the manufacturer will charge me for tooling up and the first order of units.

In the following illustration I show a raft, made from hundreds of PXLs. I estimate the raft would weigh just over 100lbs. and have a bouyancy of over 8 tons.

I have been developing this project for over 40 years and am determined to now make and sell it. It is my hope that your company will see the potential uses for PXLs and get on board the raft. Perhaps, one day, we will all have our own floating paradise on the Pacific.

Rick Audette
11934 Willowbrook Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90059

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Asian Faire

Songs by Josh

Few know that Josh has been writing songs for decades. Two of his songs are the most often requested. Here are the lyrics.

The sight of you

I decided...can't hide it,
Time to let my motives show
I've been staring,so it seems
At the most beautiful woman I've ever seen

From the moment I laid eyes on you
About a year ago
It's come to this, I've lost control
How did you get this hold

Stand by, a message is coming through
Someone thinks these things of you
I can't explain, I don't even try
The sight of you just makes me high

You'd think, after all this time
I, at least, would know your name
Well I thought I did, if it really matters
But I wasn't up to playin' the game

Could have a jealous boyfriend
With a loaded 38
Who just might use it
If you got a date

I stand apart and gaze at you
It makes me feel so grand
One night I chanced to touch your hand
That's when I think I knew

Flash backs, thoughts keep coming through
Can't stop thinking about you
I can't explain, I don't even try
The sight of you just makes me high

I thought of all the ways I could meet you
But, in a bar, they all start with a line
There's been so many "Don't I know you's"
But you are the first to hear this song

And it's not a proposal, nor a proposition
It simply states my position
I don't care what you do to me
I'll risk it all to say
The understatement of the year
You are attractive, to me

Try, try to make the second move
Don't leave everything to me
I can't explain, I don't even try
The sight of you just makes me high

The Gospel of Thomas

There were more than four apostles
That wrote gospels in their day
It seems that Thomas wrote some books
That got in the church's way

So Tommy got labled gnostic
And got kicked out of the game
Tho' the stories that he wrote for us
Are valid all the same

One day they were hangin' out
And Thomas was at hand
Some apostles were complaining
To the leader of the band

Now Mary, the ex call girl
You've heard so much about
Had given her heart to Jesus
And they were makin' out

Oh, if I was Jesus
You know what I would do
I'd save the world from all it's sins
Wouldn't that be cool
But after a hard day of savior work
To myself I would attend
And whisper sweet commandments
To my favorite number 10

Pretty girls can't help but sin
The boys make such demands
So I bless 'em and forgive 'em
And they fall into my hands

Don't need fancy wheels or clothes
To get myself a date
Just take them for a quiet stroll
On top of any lake

Yeah, maybe I'm the son of God
But gods need lovin' too
If I'm the, so called, perfect man
Limp wristed will not do

Magdalena it's OK, if you spend the night
The neighbors won't be throwin' stones
Believe me, it's alright

'Cause,  if I was Jesus
You know what I would do
I'd save the world from all it's sins
Wouldn't that be cool
But after a hard day of savior work
To myself I would attend
And whisper sweet commandments
To my favorite number 10

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Second Rife

Second Rife

On Saturday, March 1st, Josh attended the SL Newser's staff meeting and announced that he and Sha had discovered a grand new adventure, a "mission impossible", as they say, and they had accepted it as their new course. We were given Hobdon's choice. For years, we had said, "Heaven is for Heroes", so when we saw the line drawn in the sand, we put on our armor and stepped over.

The History
Few people in SL know that the man behind Josh and Sha is, in RL, a well known Scientist/Philosopher, with over 40 years of hands on experience with technologies, which even today are only guessed at by the majority of the world. I can't tell you what things I know, but if you knew what those things were, you would understand why, even my own family does not know the extent of it. Now, at this point, you might be thinking that I'm just writing science fiction, to sell more newspapers, and that's OK with me, because, well, that's my job. Keep reading.

Return with us now, to the 1930's. There were no personal computers or calculators. If you wanted to crunch some numbers, you either used a pencil and paper, a slide rule or an adding machine, that had gears inside and a hand crank, like a slot machine. The most powerful optical microscopes could not see a virus, unless it was killed and stained.

Then, along comes;
Royal Raymond Rife
(from Wikipedia)
Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) was an American inventor and early exponent of high-magnification time-lapse cine-micrography. In the 1930s, he claimed that by using a specially designed optical microscope, he could observe microbes which were too small to visualize with previously existing technology. Rife also reported that a 'beam ray' device of his invention could weaken or destroy the pathogens by energetically exciting destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals.

Rife's claims could not be independently replicated, and were ultimately discredited by the medical profession in the 1950s. Rife blamed the scientific rejection of his claims on a conspiracy involving the American Medical Association (AMA), the Department of Public Health, and other elements of "organized medicine", which had "brainwashed" potential supporters of his devices.

Interest in Rife's claims was revived in some alternative medical circles by the 1987 book The Cancer Cure That Worked, which claimed that Rife had succeeded in curing cancer, but that his work was suppressed by a powerful conspiracy headed by the AMA. After this book's publication, a variety of devices bearing Rife's name were marketed as cures for diverse diseases such as cancer and AIDS. An analysis by Electronics Australia found that a typical 'Rife device' consisted of a nine-volt battery, wiring, a switch, a timer and two short lengths of copper tubing, which delivered an "almost undetectable" current unlikely to penetrate the skin. Several marketers of other 'Rife devices' have been convicted for health fraud, and in some cases cancer patients who used these devices as a replacement for medical therapy have died. Rife devices are currently classified as a subset of radionics devices, which are generally viewed as pseudomedicine by mainstream experts.

Main floor of the Second Rife house

Our stand on this is that we want to know the truth. When two parties give opposite reports of what is the truth, it's a safe bet that one, or both, are not telling the truth. We want to know the truth and will not blindly follow what either side presents. You cannot give knowledge. It must be gained, on an individual level, by creating a hypothesis and testing it for yourself, When the homework is done, then and only then, you can say you KNOW the truth.

Donation kiosk

We know, from experience, that a single seeker will often have obstacles thrown in their path, by those that don't want the truth known. There is safety in numbers and there are many in SL that would like to see an end to cancer and other diseases. With this in mind, we have started a new SL group, called "Second Rife". The motto of the group is, "There is a cure'. This does not mean we have or know the cure, only that we think it possible that Rife's theories might be something worth experimenting with. The group and it's members seek to [1] learn all we can about the theory and tests done by others, [2] buy or build Rife machines, to conduct our own tests and [3] inform the public of our findings, so they might become interested and add their own research to the mix.

Group joiner and mesh rifer jacket

We began by finding out how to start a new group in SL. Then Josh created the group and invited Sha in, as a co-founder. The two then began sending group invites to their friends.

For the last few months, Due to a growing lag problem at ground level, our home had been moved to a skybox, above the property Sha rents on Sunweaver Bay. To help make the project more public, she put her house back on the hill top, leaving only a small platform 1000 meter above it, which we both set as "home".

Balcony and entry of Rifer house

Josh created a group logo and began reading everything he could find on the internet. Sha bought a group joiner and donations kiosk and began furnishing the house to make it a good place for people to gather and chat. This project will take her a few more weeks, the end result being a peaceful environment, conducive to creative thinking. The house is opened to the public.

Music to cure by
by Joshua Xavier and Becky Shamen