Monday, March 17, 2014

PXL intro

This is to introduce my artifact, known as PXL, Pneumatic Crystal Lattice.
A single PXL is an inflated equalateral triangle, having two sides, a fill valve and external seams with multiple grommet holes on each. In the following photo there are 20 PXLs, assembled into an ultra-light rigid structure. This prototype was made from clear vinyl shower curtains, beachball valves and shoelace grommets. They have 12" sides. When filled with water, a PXL this size weighs about 15lb. Filled with air, these 20 PXLs will keep 300lbs. afloat.

Adding more PXLs to the assembly, to the left and right, creates a beam or column. Adding more in both X and Y will poduce floors, walls and ceilings. All assemblies, because of cellular construction, have high strength to weight, due to synergy.

I have a web page that explains how PXLs work at

I have decided to produce and sell PXLs to the world. The first production model will be 3' sides. I am seeking a company to make these for me and will create a Kickstarter fund raiser to get the money to tool up and manufacture the first several thousand units. From there, I will demonstrate them to the public and take orders for additional units. I would also be open to teaming up with the manufacturer, enabling them to also sell the product. I would like to know what the manufacturer will charge me for tooling up and the first order of units.

In the following illustration I show a raft, made from hundreds of PXLs. I estimate the raft would weigh just over 100lbs. and have a bouyancy of over 8 tons.

I have been developing this project for over 40 years and am determined to now make and sell it. It is my hope that your company will see the potential uses for PXLs and get on board the raft. Perhaps, one day, we will all have our own floating paradise on the Pacific.

Rick Audette
11934 Willowbrook Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90059

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