Sunday, March 23, 2014

Get out of jail card

Getting out of hell, or for that matter anything else that holds us away from joy,
requires that we learn the cause of our being there and knowing the steps 
needed to walk away from it. At our core, we are that which decides. Believe it or 
not, we get into hell and other undesireable situations because we decided to be 
there. DK calls this "identifying" with things. "I am that I am" is God's true name 
and it is also ours. Our eternal spirit is drawn into the world of form, what Gnostics 
call hell, because we periodically identify with matter. 
Getting stuck in matter comes natural to all of us and we have other names for it, like hangups, bad 
habbits and addictions. Fortunately, the Bible provides a "get out of jail" card. 
Within it's pages can be found the steps to free us from these sticky "matters".
Centuries ago, the Quakers outlined these steps into a planned program, which 
has come to be known as a "twelve step program". Countless "Anonymous" 
groups exist to help us walk away from our addictions. The same set of steps will 
help you free yourself from all "things that matter".

Me: Hello, my name is ______ and I am .........a Human
Group: Hello _______, welcome to Humans Anonymous. It works, if you work it. 
Keep comming back.

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