Friday, January 31, 2014

Old Poser animations

After seeing these videos, a friend suggested I check out Second Life. These were made as I taught myself the art, using Poser software.

First attempt at syncing animation to music, mostly using elements from my Petra story

First attempt at making an animation series for teaching, features J'Wally Kuwell, a human/furry hybrid. I did the voice of J'Wally.

J'Wally was replaced by Katzu, a dragon that lives in a cavern under a castle, in the hopes that he would make a bigger impression. I added a British accent, for the same reason.
When I found a new dragon avatar, in Second Life, I decided to bring Katzu back. The reincarnated dragon has made three episodes and is midway through a fourth.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Katzu III

It doesn't feel like I am creating these episodes. It's more like I am just following Katzu's directions. I guess, while I've been playing on SL the last four years, he had a lot of time to think up these things.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Katzu II

Episode II: Katzu upgrades Einstein's formula and renames the Big Bang.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Introducing Katzu

Before learning about Second Life, I was developing skills at making animated videos, for teaching purposes. Upon seeing samples of my work, a friend suggested I check out SL.
The dragon in the video was named Katzu Kwattle (Quetzalcoatl) and his mission was to teach the principles which are the ancient foundation of every religion on earth.

One of the main reasons for joining and staying in SL was that it might provide pictures and animations that could be used in teaching the Ancient Wisdom. Over the last four years, we have developed avatar's personas to fill this mission. The exotic dancer (stripper), Becky "Sha" Shamen, becomes an enlightened member and supporter of "Community". With her theory that "Heaven is for Heroes", she becomes an explorer/Journalist, encouraging readers to embrace their inner Indiana Jones and go exploring in SL. Over time, several alts have been developed, in the hope that these could springboard to better prepared teachers. This process of spinning out new alts began with "Bach Shamen", Sha's brother. A separate account was used because, although Sha could change her display name to male, the account name would show his real name was Becky. We should note here that, many males, she had met, said that females had it easier than males, in regards to earning money and finding love in SL, so this added to the reason for trying a male avatar.

For about two months, Bach made slow progress, with getting L$ and girl friends, disproving the M/F theory. Then, he got sidetracked by the very means of his advancement. Wanting more wealth and friends, he turned from his inner mission to follow his older sister's path. Sha's brother morphed into her little sister. This "new" character served no purpose, other than just being a copy-cat, so eventually faded out of SL.

As a reporter, Sha felt that a male avatar might be better suited to some of the sims and adventures being covered. Since snapshots of him would not show names, she made a male alt, within her own account and called him Joshua Xavier. Josh appeared in a number of articles, under Sha's Newser Byline. Ultimately, a new SL account was opened for Joshua and he soon changed his display name to Josh X. Of note here, although Sha and Josh share the same oneness with this writer and have similar qualities, they have distictively different personalities and sometimes even dissagree on things.

Now, as his own man, Josh is also a reporter for the Newser. As a Scientist/Philosopher, Josh's stories span a different end of the spectrum from Sha's and may even fall off the scale of what will fit in the Newser. For writing "off the scale" stories, Josh would need to create his own, larger than life alt. After reading Xymber's article on SP Dragon Guardians, it seemed a good idea to reincarnate Katzu, into SL.

Josh did some detective work and tracked down Spider's shop on MP and inworld. At L$2,899, it was more than he could afford, so Sha sent him the needed funds. After the Friday night theme party, at Cutlass, Josh logged off and went to the marketplace.  Returning to SL, he opens the package and puts on the new avatar. Right away, we discover this avatar is way more complicated than just switching from human to furry. Knowing it would take weeks to perfect, we were still eager to take it out for a test drive. We changed the color of the belly scales, to match the original, christened him "Katzu Kwattle" and headed to Cutlsss, to find stragglers and compare the size and manuvering differences. Our friend Val was there and we had a long chat, as I played with finding good camera angles to capture the dragon that is the same height as the club's walls.

Although Josh and Katzu can't be on SL at the same time. using two viewers, either can meet up with Sha. Such meetings are hard on our notebook computer and both Katzu and Sha have more than average draw weight, as avatars go. Still, we wanted to see if it could be done, so Katzu came on, using the SL Viewer and Sha came in, using the Nirans Viewer. With great effort, we set up a snapshot of Sha, dressed in colors of fire for an upcoming theme, interviewing Katzu as to who he is and what his mission will be. That conversation shall not be given here, but shall reverberate in the writer's mind, in the weeks that follow.

Within days, we learned that it was much easier to navigate and take pictures of Katzu, when he walks on all four, a.k.a. quad mode.

Getting used to this avatar is like learning a new software or viewer. In the long run, his high cost is offset by not needing other accessories like clothing, shoes and hair. It comes with two HUDs that allow changes to looks and movement. The AO has many preset animated gestures and even 12 animated grunts, giving him a limited dragon vocabulary. The #3 grunt sounds, unmistakably like HELLO. By clicking the AO off, he will follow  the regular AO or dance HUD and drop back to quad with a click of the mouse.

You may or may not see any Katzu stories in the Newser, but they will turn up at from time to time. A hint of his mission can be found in the fact that Katzu calls himself a Makara, rather than a Dragon.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Unveiling, V


[1] Numbers in brackets reference page numbers in the book.
 Chapter One Titles in bold text are the same as in the book.
[Rev 1:4] Where Bible quotes are used in the book, we give only book,
chapter:verse, in brackets
APOKALUPSIS Words in blue, italic, caps are from the original, Greek version
of the Bible, followed by JJ's translation.
Ed: Note Notes, in red text, are not from the book. They are my own input
and will be used sparingly, if at all.

"The Unveiling" and other books by J J Dewey can be purchased at

The Yielding of Crowns
[Rev 4:8-11] The explanation for this verse references Alice Bailey and The Old
Commentary, with the tale of the three disciples that would not give up their
material gains (yield their crowns) to continue on the path and became the
founders of the Jewish race and beginning of the history of the wandering Jew.

Revelations Chapter Five
Opening the Book

The Door to the Oneness Principle
[Rev 5:1-4] This is NOT about the last days before the end of the world. The
scroll is the book of life, containing all knowledge and wisdom, available through
the Holy Spirit or The Oneness Principle. Seven seals - states of consciousness
- must be achieved to have a fullness of The Oneness Principle.

Why can no man open this scroll?

[I Cor 15:50] We cannot open it with mortal human consciousness. The seeker
must ascend to the throne and use soul for intuitive knowledge of the Oneness

The Lion and the Lamb
[Rev 5:5-7] The path must be trod by the humble lamb, but in the end gets slain
and the resurrected lion takes the kingdom by force and opens the seals.

Eye of the Beholder
[Rev 5:8-10] He still follows the inner voice but now knows the voice as his own
inner being and is as confident as the lion.

The New Song
[Rev 5:9-10]
New, KAINOS, Things that never were, comming to pass.
The seeker now knows, for the first time, that he is indeed worthy.

The Glory of God and Christ
(Rev 5:11-14] He that pursues the fullness of Christ will sacrifice all the desires
of the lower self to accomplish a great work in the service of humanity.
For doing so he will receive the following:
1) Power, spiritual power, power to accomplish a great service to the world.
2) Riches, he receives peace and inner joy, he would not trade for all the money
in the world.
3) Wisdom, He is one with the mind of God and shares the wisdom of God.
4) Strength, that will be apparent to seekers around him.
5) Honor, He is true to himself, his friends and bretheren and will be honored by
6) Glory, will naturally follow because he brings glory to God and does a glorious
7) Blessing, because he blesses the world and thankfulness returns many fold.

Chapter Six
Opening the Six Seals

The First Seal
This section begins with quoting the first half of Chapter Six [Rev 6:1-8]. We pick
it up here with the breakdown of verses.

[Rev 6:1-2] The four horses closely align with Alice Bailey's "lower quaternary", in
turn aligned with energies of the lower centers.
1) The lower mind
2) The emotional body
3) Prana or vital energy
4) The etheric double of the physical body

...a horse represents the intellect manifesting through the lower nature...

The white horse and rider are called faithful and true, but they are not the Christ

on a white horse in chapter 19. They wear different crowns.
The first rider wears STEPHANQS, crown of victory in battle.
The Christ wears DIADEMA, a royal crown.
The first had yet to win a kingdom, the second is a king that has mastered the
seven seals.

The Red Horse
[Rev 6:3-4] The disciple must be prepared and strengthened when He opens the
second seal. Instead of warm fuzzy vibrations he will face friction, resistance and
hate. He enters the storm at the opening of the second seal.

The Black Horse
[Rev 6:5] Starved of the emotion of happiness from other humans, he is directed
to the proper use of oil and wine for spiritual joy.

The Pale Horse
[Rev 6:7-8] When the disciple accepts those things he cannot change then death
and hell lose their sting and it seems the number of calamities are greatly
reduced so he can move on to higher lessons.

Souls that were Slain
[Rev 6:9-11] When all wrong desire, spiritual and carnal, are killed and placed
under the altar of God then the way is paved for all the seals to be opened and
even the lower nature sees the wisdom of being subjected to the higher.

The Sixth Seal
[Rev 6:12-14] As the disciple moves into understanding of the Oneness
Principle, all seperation is moved out of it's place and replaced by a knowing of
all life and the brotherhood of man.

[Rev 6:15-17] Who shall be able to stand against a truth revealed and seen in the
 light of Christ or the soul? No one.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cosmic Pole series 7-11

Cosmic Pole 7

Cosmic Pole 8

Cosmic Pole 9

Cosmic Pole 10
Revised e-mail

Cosmic Pole 11

Cosmic Pole Series 1-6

This series of 11 animated videos was made in July 2011, as a way of sharing some of my philosophy with others.

Cosmic Pole 1

Cosmic Pole 2
Revised e-mail:

Cosmic Pole 3

Cosmic Pole 4

Cosmic Pole 5

Cosmic Pole 6

Monday, January 13, 2014

Big Bang Explained

Universe within a quark

The Big Bang and intelligence
15 years ago, this writer was the co-founder of an internet classroom, called "The Keys of Knowledge".
Various topics are introduced and explained by our teacher, J.J.Dewey. At many SL events, Josh and Sha have been known to introduce some material from these topics. Just last week, the subject of the Big Bang and intelligent design was being talked about, during a social event. Naturally, six people, in an open chat, can't get very detailed, so, at best, we agreed to disagree. Oddly enough, J.J. wrote on this same topic, within a few days. Since these topics are of interest, both in real and second life, we would like to acknowledge and quote it here.
Josh X

How Did the Universe Come To Be?

Scientists tell us that the universe is expanding.  They have measured 
the rate of expansion and calculated when the starting point began and 
what it must have been. These calculations show that the entire 
universe began about 13.7 billion years ago where everything there is 
was compressed into an infinitesimally small point, smaller than an 
atom.  They call this a singularity.
For some unexplainable reason this singularity exploded with 
unimaginable force, which created atoms and other particles in perfect 
balance. How that balance occurred they know not. They only know 
that it happened.
If you think creation by an Intelligent Designer is fantastic consider that 
this theory has it beat.  Let us pick just one part of the theory, that 
everything began with a very very small point of compressed matter. 
To understand how fantastic this is, consider the difficulty in reversing 
the Big Bang.
First you could take your body and compress it into a particle as big as 
a grain of sand. Then you could take the 7 billion other people and 
compress them into 7 billion grains of sand. Then you could take all 
those pieces of sand, which could create a good portion of a beach 
and compress all them into a single grain. If you think that is a good 
trick then look at the work we still have to do.  We have all the people 
of earth compressed into a grain of sand sitting on planet Earth, which 
is a pretty huge place.
Now we have to take the entire planet and compress it.  This would 
take some serious energy expenditure, but let us imagine it could be 
done. Voila! The earth and humanity are now compressed together 
into a piece of matter the size of a grain of sand, but the amazing thing 
is the mass is still there. Lifting that grain of sand would be like Atlas 
lifting the Earth.
Even though we have now accomplished the impossible we are just 
getting started. Now we need to compress the planets in our solar 
system.  We might as well start with Jupiter.  Wow, we are in for some 
serious compression here for Jupiter is 1330 times the volume of the 
earth and 318 times as heavy and that’s not counting its many moons.
Let us now compress Jupiter and its moons. Uuugggh.  What a job.  It 
is now the size of a grain of sand.  Now we move on to Saturn, 
Neptune and Uranus which are also much larger than Earth.  We do the 
impossible and compress them.  Finally we move on to Mercury, 
Venus, Mars, the asteroids, Pluto and the rest of the dwarf planets and 
compress them.
Now we have that done we tackle the sun, which has more mass than 
all the planets put together, somewhere around the mass of 1,000,000 
Earths. To reduce this to the size of a grain of sand is a real miracle, 
but somehow we do it.
We still have the other stars to reduce.  Let us start with a big one, the 
Eta Carinae system.  We have our work cut out for us, for this sun is 
250 times the size of our sun and a million times as bright. Imagine, 
though, we get the job done and it is compressed to the size of a grain 
of sand.
Hold on, we are just getting started.  There are around 300 billion suns, 
just in our galaxy and 100 billion known galaxies and who knows how 
many unknown. Now really strain your imagination and see each of 
these stars reduced to the size of a grain of sand and gathered 
together into one place.
What do we have before us?  Amazingly we have more sand than 
would fit in all the beaches and deserts on the whole of planet Earth. In 
fact, there would be enough sand for five or more planet Earths.
That is one heck of a lot of sand.
We still have our work cut out for us.  Now we have to take these 
trillions of grains and compress them to one individual grain. Okay, 
really stretch your imagination here. There, it is done.  The whole 
known universe is now reduced to a single grain of sand.
So… have we reproduced the original singularity that Big Bang theory 
tells us originated the universe?  Not really. Believe it or not, we still 
have a long way to go. The grain of sand is still much larger than the 
Let’s get to work and compress more, but the mass of the universe is 
so huge this is getting difficult. Grunt, grunt, there, the grain of sand is 
reduced to a piece of dust. Is that the right size now?
No. Still a long way to go. The Singularity is smaller than an atom and 
do you know how many atoms there are in a speck of dust?
About four times as many as there are stars in the entire known 
So now imagine these trillions of atoms being compressed into the 
size of one atom.  How far away are we now from the size of the 
Singularity? Are we are now getting close?
Some say yes, some say no, but most say it was as small or smaller 
than an atom.
If you think of what we have done so far is fantastic, now consider this.
Take away the factor of some intelligence like us doing the work and 
imagine that all by itself this tiny Singularity, for some reason that 
defies explanation and imagination, just explodes and creates the 
whole universe with you and me in it.
The amazing thing is that scientists are not using their wild 
imaginations in visualizing this, but say it really happened.
So which is the wilder thought?
(1) The singularity as small as an atom exploded for no 
understandable reason and created all there is, or,
(2) Some type of Intelligence made it all happen.
Putting it this way doesn’t make Intelligent Design seem too difficult to 
believe, does it?
Hopefully, this dialog prepares the reader’s mind to consider 
something new.  Here it is.
Science is correct that the universe began with a Singularity which was 
an infinitesimally small point, but the point was smaller and much 
different than any of them supposed.
The point was not one of unbelievable condensed matter, but a point 
of pure Intelligence.  The matter that created the universe did not yet 
exist except in the mind of this Intelligence, for the current matter of 
the universe is not created from anything that is solid, as evidenced 
from the fact that regardless of how small we go into matter, solid 
mass cannot be found. All that can be found for sure are wavelengths.
And of what are the wavelengths composed?  If they are not 
composed of anything solid then what creates them?
Answer:  Thought.
And what originates the thought?
And where did the Intelligence come from?
The interplay of opposites.
This interplay and Intelligence co-exist and have always been.
Intelligence created matter out of Itself, and thus we have Intelligence 
within matter all throughout the universe.  This Intelligence moves the 
evolution of all things forward toward an end unimaginable to us at this 
“There is no such thing as intelligence in matter,” says the skeptic.
To this we respond: “Are you intelligent?”
He answers, “Yes, of course.”
“Do you exist in matter, of which your body is composed, or are you 
some phantom?”
He has no intelligent response.
Copyright by J J Dewey 2014

For more by J.J.Dewey, see

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Lion and the Lamb

The path must be trod by the humble lamb, but in the end 
gets slain and the resurrected lion takes the kingdom by force and 
opens the seals.

[Rev 5:5-7]

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Unveiling, IV

UNVEILING, IV  [Ottheinrich.jpg]

[1] Numbers in brackets reference page numbers in the book.
Chapter One Titles in bold text are the same as in the book.
[Rev 1:4] Where Bible quotes are used in the book, we give only book,
chapter:verse, in brackets
APOKALUPSIS Words in blue, italic, caps are from the original, Greek
version of the Bible, followed by JJ's translation.
Ed: Note Notes, in red text, are not from the book. They are my
own input and will be used sparingly, if at all.
"The Unveiling" and other books by J J Dewey can be purchased at
Spiritual Death
[Rev 2:21] The seeker went too far with patience and tolerance of
wrong beliefs. Something more is needed.

[Rev 2:22] The fate of Jezebel

[Rev 2:23] A fate worse than death

Spiritual Death, Part 2
[Rev 2:24] Those who follow the inner voice and expose Jezebel get 
no more karma in this phase.

[Rev 2:25] Don't get so excited about learning new truths that you 
forget the ones already learned. Reflect on them, regularly, lest you 
forget them and are attracted by another Jezebel.

[Rev 2:26] One day, the enlightened will have power over the nations.

[Rev 2:27] The rod of iron represents pure truth.

[Rev 2:28] The seeker will, one day, join in the creation of new earths.

Chapter Three
Preparing for Discipleship
Paying attention
[Rev 3:1-3] This section again reminds us to "hold fast" to the 
principles already learned, lest we be unprepared to receive more truth 
and knowledge.

The Outer Garment
[Rev 3:4-5] Gives the symbolism of wearing white.

The Open Door
Moving on to the church of Philadelphia
[Rev 3:7] The seeker now has better communion with the inner voice. 
He knows it is good and true. The Key of David opens the door to the 
inner soul, but can also lock out those that are not ready.

[Rev 3:8] The seeker now has the ability to keep the door open and 
enter at will. He can do this because he has 1) a little strength, 

DUNAMIS,"inherent power", 2) "kept my word", listens and follows the 
inner voice 3) "not denied my name", name = purpose, seeker stays 
on course, thus honors the name and purpose of God.

The Great Temptation
[Rev 3:9] Those that persecuted the seeker in this life will be extoling 
his virtues in the next. Will they ever learn?

[Rev 3:10] His eyes now open, the seeker will not be fooled by the 
things that hold others back.

Going No More Out
[Rev 3:11-12] At this level of awareness, the seeker becomes like a 
strong building block in God's temple. He need not incarnate again, 
unless he so chooses. Because he is one with the Father, he bears 
the same name. He can now be called God himself.
<Ed: At the time I write this, I made a white, "team" T-shirt for my 
avatar, with an illustration of New Jerusalem and the words "New J 
The Ray of Philadelphia
At stage six, the seeker is governed by Ray Two, the Ray of 

The Great Decision
The seventh or last letter.
[Rev 3:14] Here the inner Master reveals three qualities about himself.
 1) He is the Amen
Amen means "verily". It is first the name of God, second a statement 
preceding the declaration of truth, third the consummation of a prayer.

2) the faithful and true witness
When the disciple truly listens and receives , it is like receiving it from 
himself. He would not consciously lie to himself and so learns to trust 
the inner voice as if it were his own.

3) the beginning of the creation of God
Now the seeker can begin to manifest that which is good, beautiful and 

Unlike letters to the other churches, this one does not begin with 
praises for the seeker. Instead, he receives a stern wake-up call.

[Rev 3:15-16] The seeker can not sit on his laurels. In this step he 
must choose between Light and Dark.

[Rev 3:17] Even with all he has gained so far, the seeker has nothing, 
compared to what there is yet to be had.

[Rev 3:18] The seeker must now invest even more to be part of the 
bigger picture.

[Rev 3:19] The Master applies tough love, because he loves the 

Opening The Door
[Rev 3:20-22] Now follows a great blessing. When the Master knocks, 
you must open the door. You don't have to be special to receive the 
gifts. The opportunity is available to all that apply themselves to it.
Ed: Like those FREE MONEY infomercials, the money is out there, 
but you have to apply to get it.

The Ray of the Laodiceans
Step seven, governed by Ray Seven, The Ray of Ceremonial Law, 
Magic, Order and Synthesis.
The aspirant approaches discipleship and opens the door to higher 
consciousness through clothing himself with divine order and 
synthesizing all he has learned.

The Commited Disciple
Chapter Four
The Vision Begins
The Open Door

We start with a whole chapter [Rev 4:1-11]
For every right explanation of Revelations there are a hundred that are 

[Rev 4:1-2] The "door" is the barrier between spirit and matter, a.k.a., 
Soul. Trumpet, SALPIGX, "to shake or disturb"
The thrown is A) Planetary Logos, Ancient of Days and B) the center 
between the eyebrows.

The Inner Lights
[Rev 4:3-4] John does not describe God as a man sitting on a throne, 
but as lights resting upon and around the throne. Elders, 
PRESBUTEROS, "old or ancient", also sit on thrones. Ed:With God, 
form a molecule of 24

The Four Beasts
[Rev 4:5-6] The perfected Christ consciousness consists of the 
1) Opening the door to heaven (soul contact)
2) Perceive the inner God on his throne within.
3) Receive light from the inner voice.
4) Through oneness, links to the inner molecule.
5) Sees a sea of light, light of the inner space that enlightens.
6) Sees the four beasts

The beasts have six wings, symbol of the chakras.
1) Sacral Center converting sexual energy to creative service
2) Solar Plexus raise lower emotions to higher
3) Heart Center selfish love replaced with unselfish love
4) Throat Center right speach directs words, thoughts and creativity 
towards harmlessness and elevating the heart towards service
5) Ajna Center-third eye opens the door of inspiration, brings down 
ideas and principles, so the lower nature can see and understand
6) Crown Chakra tunes into and follows a higher will that that 
possessed by the nature of the beast

The four beasts are the realizations needed to ascend lower 
consciousness to the throne.
1) the Lion, the lower nature submits to the higher
2) Calf, the animal nature is sacraficed to the spiritual nature
3) Man, the lower nature will now provide service to humanity
4) Eagle, applies laws, principles and events over which we have no 

to be continued.....


UUtopia secondlife://UUTOPIA/69/80/26

I have had a life long fascination with the architecture of churches and temples. As for the religions they house, not so much. Recently, a friend began forwarding e-mails called Daily Word to me. These were created by Unity Church. I liked them, because they fit my own philosophy, so I began to think about it more. I remembered seeing a Unitarian church in the Destination Guide, so returned there to get the LM. The Guide gives a brief description.

Visit Unitarian Universalism, a community that focuses on a belief that there is a common thread of humanity that joins all of us. All are welcome at the services, held every Thursday at 6.30 p.m. (Pacific). At other times, you can sit in the quiet of the sanctuary or visit the coffee shop and library.

When I arrived there, I went in the visitors center. On one wall, there were seven gold plaques, which I took to be the principles of Unity. I found these to be so compatible with my own thinking, I actually looked to see if there were any Unitarian churches near my home in L.A.

One thing I noticed on UUtopia was the lack of walls, which also fits my way of thinking. There are many gathering buildings, with open air construction and circular seating. Among them, we find the Baha'i Center. The Baha'i and Unitarian are two seperate religions, but share the same principles.

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illumine the whole earth.” —Baha’u’llah

The buildings weren't the only beautiful thing. Although flying is permitted, it is much nicer to just walk. Everywhere you go, the scenery is like a well kept park, with fountains and waterfalls and gardens, with their sacred geometry.

In this place, there is no priest or minister to warn you of fire and brimstone if you do not listen to his interpretation of what God wants from you. Just being on this sim makes one feel closer to heaven. As I explored each area, I looked forward to the next delight. From the contemplative tree house, I could see some violet energy bursts, arranged above a circle on the ground. When I went and stood in the circle I felt somehow rejuvenated. I don't know how this could be so, or if that was what it was for. I can only suggest you go and test this rejuvenescence for yourself.

I saved the main meeting place for last. This is where the congrgation meets on Thurday evenings. It is a natural setting, with no roof or walls. It makes other churches and temples seem like whitewashed tombs. The development of unity and oneness in Secondlife has always been an important part of why both Sha and I came and stay here. The UUtopia sim has done a masterful job of incorporating these ideals into the very geometry of the place.

In real life, I am a founder of a group called "The Keys of Knowledge" in which J.J.Dewey teaches. The group is dedicated to seeking higher principles to live by and gathering together in what is called "Molecular Order". Three samples of JJ's teachings, on this topic, taken from the group archives, follow.

"When we incarnate as humans we acquire a body which is composed of billions of tiny lives that are cooperating together in a molecular order so the lesser lives can have a greater experience through you, the greater life. Now it is time for the human race to do the same and prepare bodies of manifestation that will draw forth greater lives so we can individually go in consciousness where no human has gone before." - 

"We are all composite beings made of many lesser lives and to maintain the cohesive force to keep the lower lives together to maintain the higher, attention must be focused on the higher energies of soul. Without this attention and the drawing forth of spiritual power then the forces holding the lesser lives becomes diminished until, eventually, the lesser lives come apart and return to their native element. This produces a death or disintegration of the person as he is.
This is comparable to a water molecule of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen which has been together for millions of years falling apart and returning to the two separate gasses of hydrogen and oxygen - no longer having the properties of water." - 

"When we move from one kingdom to another we still keep our individual identity but we go through a process of fusion where the many become one with a greater life." - 

Josh X

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lost Second Life

Sistine Chapel photograph
 Lost Secondlife Exhibit

This reporter has been featured in the last 7 articles published by Becky Shamen. He started out as an alt, but in November he split off into a seperate account and now is his own man. At the January Newser staff meeting, Josh attended in Sha's place and asked to be hired, so he could have his own Byline in the paper. At the meeting, Josh indicated that he and Sha were also working on a series of articles, a synopsis of "The Unveiling", by J.J.Dewey, which is being posted at , but they were also looking for new adventures in SL, to write about. The Editor suggested a photo exhibit, that he had heard of, might be just our cup of tea. The name of the exhibit is, "Lost Second Life". Josh, being a sorta Indiana Jones type, was on it like a mouse on cheese.

The landing, on the Mado sim, puts you in the center of a desert, said to be a post apocalypse sea floor. As the only building on the sim, you won't have any trouble finding the Anita Witt Photography Gallery. The
main gallery features photos by Anita, which are all very high quality and copies are for sale. Behind the main gallery, there is a four story building, housing the "Lost Second Life" exhibit.

The photos in this exhibit are all by Photographer Ziki Questi, of sims that are no longer in Second Life. Knowing this premise, we were hoping there would be a photo from our all time favorite, the Sistine
chapel, which disappeared last year. To our great delight, they not only included it, at L$100, it is the most affordable photo at the gallery.

We found the stairs difficult to navigate, but fortunately the building was missing one side and flying is permitted, making it easier to view all of the fine photographs.

As a life time artist, we can be somewhat critical of what some galleries have to offer. In the case of photographs by Anita and Ziki, we are pleased to report these are exceptionally good quality. No
doubt, some of you will find photos of sims that you have visited and now miss. Here is your chance to see them again and add reminders to the walls of your home.

Having, in the two months of our independent existance, evolved the persona of our new avatar, we were now planning to make a fresh profile pic. As we viewed each photograph, consideration was given as to how it would look as a background for a picture that fits our character. The one chosen fit both style and colors needed and now is included in the profile. From this slice of the visit, incorporated into my profile, it should be evident that we liked the exhibit. We give it two thumbs up and recommend y'all go check it out, before it goes away like the Lost Second Life it depicts.

Joshua Xavier

Thursday, January 2, 2014



[1] Numbers in brackets reference page numbers in the book.
Chapter One Titles in bold text are the same as in the book.
[Rev 1:4] Where Bible quotes are used in the book, we give only book, chapter:verse,
in brackets
APOKALUPSIS Words in blue, italic, caps are from the original, Greek version of the
Bible, followed by JJ's translation.
Ed: Note Notes, in red text, are not from the book. They are my own input and
will be used sparingly, if at all.
"The Unveiling" and other books by J J Dewey can be purchased at

[10-11] names of the seven churches

Ephesus, EPHESOS, "permitted or permission"
Smyrna, SMURNA, "the herb myrrh"
Pergamos, from PERGOS, "watchtower"
Thyatira, THUATEIRA, "affliction"
Sardis, SARDIES, "red ones"
PHILADELPHIA, "brotherly love" also "the white city"
Laodiceans, LAODIKEUS, "justice of the people"

Chapter Two
Beginning the Journey
Ephesus: Gaining Permission

[Rev 2:1]
The inner voice gives permission that overrides all outer authority.

Praise from the Master's Voice
[Rev 2:2]
Three things are known about the aspirant by the Observer within.
His works
Working for a spiritual ideal goes beyond serving the lower self.
KOPOS, "strenuous and painstaking labor"
Spiritual work is not all fun and games. At times it will become difficult, tedious and
HUPOMONE, "steadfast endurance"
[Matt 24:13]

[12] How do we know if messages, information, is good and true?
[I John 4:1-3] is explained and summarized with; "Everyone who confesses in spirit
that (the name of) Jesus Christ is manifesting in (their own) flesh is of God".

[13] The praises given in [Rev 14:1] and [Rev 2:3] are interpreted.

Freedom Without Responsibility
The praises are followed by some criticism.
[Rev 2:4-5]
There are two inner voices, those of the God within and of his own lower self. At first,
the seeker goes from one extreme to the other. It is the responsibility of the seeker 
to, through practice and experience, know which voice to listen to.

The Nicolaitans
[Rev 2:6]
We are to "hate" this group of, so called, followers of Nicolas, an assistant to the
Twelve Apostles [Acts 6:5], because of how they perverted his teachings.

The Spiritual Connection
[Rev 2:7] ties to [John 15:4-8]
The branch needs to be connected to the vine, to be fruitfull.

[16-18] This section sums up the first step of evolving spiritually. We must learn
discernment between our inner voices, those that say they are Jews but are not, etc.
and continue our efforts, despite tribulations on the path.
The Ray of Smyrna
Entering step two, governed by Ray Six, the seeker must raise his ideals and endure
the problems that come from the principles he holds.

Satan's Seat
In this third stage, the seeker is faced with troubles, hurdles and threats. He is in the
devil's territory and is tempted by destructive doctrines.
He is surrounded by believers in outer authority. These can neither be eliminated or 
tolerated totally. The two edged sword of truth is his weapon. ED:To me, this is also 
a reminder to, like Buddha, walk a middle path. Even virtue, when there is too little or 
too much, becomes a vice.

The Life Within
[Rev 2:17]
The hidden manna is Christ. The white stone, with a new name written on it, gives us a
better connection to the inner voice. ED: kind of like a hotline to God?

The Ray of Pergamos
Stage three, is governed by The Ray of Harmony through Conflict. He encounters 
great conflict but if successful the end is harmony.

A Hindrance to Greater Works
Letter to Thyatira
[Rev 2:18]
Notice, these letters are written to "the angel" rather than the church itself. Given to a
group, but must be carried out by the individuals.
The voice gives three descriptions of himself:
1) the Son of God = True Authority
2) Eyes like a flame of fire = can see through the heaviest illusions
3) Feet like fine brass = power to subdue any resistance

[Rev 2:19]
The seeker need not remind God, his son or the inner voice of his works and
achievements. They are already seen, known and evaluated.

[Rev 2:20]
Who are the modern day Jezebels? The seeker rebels against orthodoxy, but many others rebel for ego's sake.
1) Criminals who fight the system for personal gain.
2) Rebels who rebel for rebellion's sake.
3) Wanna be teachers, who have not contacted the inner voice and believe they are in
contact with various supernatural beings.
These think they speak for God, but on a good show, but in the end lead one away
from truth.
This section goes on to explain how the seeker must not "allow" her to seduce the

To be continued.......