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Big Bang Explained

Universe within a quark

The Big Bang and intelligence
15 years ago, this writer was the co-founder of an internet classroom, called "The Keys of Knowledge".
Various topics are introduced and explained by our teacher, J.J.Dewey. At many SL events, Josh and Sha have been known to introduce some material from these topics. Just last week, the subject of the Big Bang and intelligent design was being talked about, during a social event. Naturally, six people, in an open chat, can't get very detailed, so, at best, we agreed to disagree. Oddly enough, J.J. wrote on this same topic, within a few days. Since these topics are of interest, both in real and second life, we would like to acknowledge and quote it here.
Josh X

How Did the Universe Come To Be?

Scientists tell us that the universe is expanding.  They have measured 
the rate of expansion and calculated when the starting point began and 
what it must have been. These calculations show that the entire 
universe began about 13.7 billion years ago where everything there is 
was compressed into an infinitesimally small point, smaller than an 
atom.  They call this a singularity.
For some unexplainable reason this singularity exploded with 
unimaginable force, which created atoms and other particles in perfect 
balance. How that balance occurred they know not. They only know 
that it happened.
If you think creation by an Intelligent Designer is fantastic consider that 
this theory has it beat.  Let us pick just one part of the theory, that 
everything began with a very very small point of compressed matter. 
To understand how fantastic this is, consider the difficulty in reversing 
the Big Bang.
First you could take your body and compress it into a particle as big as 
a grain of sand. Then you could take the 7 billion other people and 
compress them into 7 billion grains of sand. Then you could take all 
those pieces of sand, which could create a good portion of a beach 
and compress all them into a single grain. If you think that is a good 
trick then look at the work we still have to do.  We have all the people 
of earth compressed into a grain of sand sitting on planet Earth, which 
is a pretty huge place.
Now we have to take the entire planet and compress it.  This would 
take some serious energy expenditure, but let us imagine it could be 
done. Voila! The earth and humanity are now compressed together 
into a piece of matter the size of a grain of sand, but the amazing thing 
is the mass is still there. Lifting that grain of sand would be like Atlas 
lifting the Earth.
Even though we have now accomplished the impossible we are just 
getting started. Now we need to compress the planets in our solar 
system.  We might as well start with Jupiter.  Wow, we are in for some 
serious compression here for Jupiter is 1330 times the volume of the 
earth and 318 times as heavy and that’s not counting its many moons.
Let us now compress Jupiter and its moons. Uuugggh.  What a job.  It 
is now the size of a grain of sand.  Now we move on to Saturn, 
Neptune and Uranus which are also much larger than Earth.  We do the 
impossible and compress them.  Finally we move on to Mercury, 
Venus, Mars, the asteroids, Pluto and the rest of the dwarf planets and 
compress them.
Now we have that done we tackle the sun, which has more mass than 
all the planets put together, somewhere around the mass of 1,000,000 
Earths. To reduce this to the size of a grain of sand is a real miracle, 
but somehow we do it.
We still have the other stars to reduce.  Let us start with a big one, the 
Eta Carinae system.  We have our work cut out for us, for this sun is 
250 times the size of our sun and a million times as bright. Imagine, 
though, we get the job done and it is compressed to the size of a grain 
of sand.
Hold on, we are just getting started.  There are around 300 billion suns, 
just in our galaxy and 100 billion known galaxies and who knows how 
many unknown. Now really strain your imagination and see each of 
these stars reduced to the size of a grain of sand and gathered 
together into one place.
What do we have before us?  Amazingly we have more sand than 
would fit in all the beaches and deserts on the whole of planet Earth. In 
fact, there would be enough sand for five or more planet Earths.
That is one heck of a lot of sand.
We still have our work cut out for us.  Now we have to take these 
trillions of grains and compress them to one individual grain. Okay, 
really stretch your imagination here. There, it is done.  The whole 
known universe is now reduced to a single grain of sand.
So… have we reproduced the original singularity that Big Bang theory 
tells us originated the universe?  Not really. Believe it or not, we still 
have a long way to go. The grain of sand is still much larger than the 
Let’s get to work and compress more, but the mass of the universe is 
so huge this is getting difficult. Grunt, grunt, there, the grain of sand is 
reduced to a piece of dust. Is that the right size now?
No. Still a long way to go. The Singularity is smaller than an atom and 
do you know how many atoms there are in a speck of dust?
About four times as many as there are stars in the entire known 
So now imagine these trillions of atoms being compressed into the 
size of one atom.  How far away are we now from the size of the 
Singularity? Are we are now getting close?
Some say yes, some say no, but most say it was as small or smaller 
than an atom.
If you think of what we have done so far is fantastic, now consider this.
Take away the factor of some intelligence like us doing the work and 
imagine that all by itself this tiny Singularity, for some reason that 
defies explanation and imagination, just explodes and creates the 
whole universe with you and me in it.
The amazing thing is that scientists are not using their wild 
imaginations in visualizing this, but say it really happened.
So which is the wilder thought?
(1) The singularity as small as an atom exploded for no 
understandable reason and created all there is, or,
(2) Some type of Intelligence made it all happen.
Putting it this way doesn’t make Intelligent Design seem too difficult to 
believe, does it?
Hopefully, this dialog prepares the reader’s mind to consider 
something new.  Here it is.
Science is correct that the universe began with a Singularity which was 
an infinitesimally small point, but the point was smaller and much 
different than any of them supposed.
The point was not one of unbelievable condensed matter, but a point 
of pure Intelligence.  The matter that created the universe did not yet 
exist except in the mind of this Intelligence, for the current matter of 
the universe is not created from anything that is solid, as evidenced 
from the fact that regardless of how small we go into matter, solid 
mass cannot be found. All that can be found for sure are wavelengths.
And of what are the wavelengths composed?  If they are not 
composed of anything solid then what creates them?
Answer:  Thought.
And what originates the thought?
And where did the Intelligence come from?
The interplay of opposites.
This interplay and Intelligence co-exist and have always been.
Intelligence created matter out of Itself, and thus we have Intelligence 
within matter all throughout the universe.  This Intelligence moves the 
evolution of all things forward toward an end unimaginable to us at this 
“There is no such thing as intelligence in matter,” says the skeptic.
To this we respond: “Are you intelligent?”
He answers, “Yes, of course.”
“Do you exist in matter, of which your body is composed, or are you 
some phantom?”
He has no intelligent response.
Copyright by J J Dewey 2014

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