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[1] Numbers in brackets reference page numbers in the book.
Chapter One Titles in bold text are the same as in the book.
[Rev 1:4] Where Bible quotes are used in the book, we give only book, chapter:verse,
in brackets
APOKALUPSIS Words in blue, italic, caps are from the original, Greek version of the
Bible, followed by JJ's translation.
Ed: Note Notes, in red text, are not from the book. They are my own input and
will be used sparingly, if at all.
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[10-11] names of the seven churches

Ephesus, EPHESOS, "permitted or permission"
Smyrna, SMURNA, "the herb myrrh"
Pergamos, from PERGOS, "watchtower"
Thyatira, THUATEIRA, "affliction"
Sardis, SARDIES, "red ones"
PHILADELPHIA, "brotherly love" also "the white city"
Laodiceans, LAODIKEUS, "justice of the people"

Chapter Two
Beginning the Journey
Ephesus: Gaining Permission

[Rev 2:1]
The inner voice gives permission that overrides all outer authority.

Praise from the Master's Voice
[Rev 2:2]
Three things are known about the aspirant by the Observer within.
His works
Working for a spiritual ideal goes beyond serving the lower self.
KOPOS, "strenuous and painstaking labor"
Spiritual work is not all fun and games. At times it will become difficult, tedious and
HUPOMONE, "steadfast endurance"
[Matt 24:13]

[12] How do we know if messages, information, is good and true?
[I John 4:1-3] is explained and summarized with; "Everyone who confesses in spirit
that (the name of) Jesus Christ is manifesting in (their own) flesh is of God".

[13] The praises given in [Rev 14:1] and [Rev 2:3] are interpreted.

Freedom Without Responsibility
The praises are followed by some criticism.
[Rev 2:4-5]
There are two inner voices, those of the God within and of his own lower self. At first,
the seeker goes from one extreme to the other. It is the responsibility of the seeker 
to, through practice and experience, know which voice to listen to.

The Nicolaitans
[Rev 2:6]
We are to "hate" this group of, so called, followers of Nicolas, an assistant to the
Twelve Apostles [Acts 6:5], because of how they perverted his teachings.

The Spiritual Connection
[Rev 2:7] ties to [John 15:4-8]
The branch needs to be connected to the vine, to be fruitfull.

[16-18] This section sums up the first step of evolving spiritually. We must learn
discernment between our inner voices, those that say they are Jews but are not, etc.
and continue our efforts, despite tribulations on the path.
The Ray of Smyrna
Entering step two, governed by Ray Six, the seeker must raise his ideals and endure
the problems that come from the principles he holds.

Satan's Seat
In this third stage, the seeker is faced with troubles, hurdles and threats. He is in the
devil's territory and is tempted by destructive doctrines.
He is surrounded by believers in outer authority. These can neither be eliminated or 
tolerated totally. The two edged sword of truth is his weapon. ED:To me, this is also 
a reminder to, like Buddha, walk a middle path. Even virtue, when there is too little or 
too much, becomes a vice.

The Life Within
[Rev 2:17]
The hidden manna is Christ. The white stone, with a new name written on it, gives us a
better connection to the inner voice. ED: kind of like a hotline to God?

The Ray of Pergamos
Stage three, is governed by The Ray of Harmony through Conflict. He encounters 
great conflict but if successful the end is harmony.

A Hindrance to Greater Works
Letter to Thyatira
[Rev 2:18]
Notice, these letters are written to "the angel" rather than the church itself. Given to a
group, but must be carried out by the individuals.
The voice gives three descriptions of himself:
1) the Son of God = True Authority
2) Eyes like a flame of fire = can see through the heaviest illusions
3) Feet like fine brass = power to subdue any resistance

[Rev 2:19]
The seeker need not remind God, his son or the inner voice of his works and
achievements. They are already seen, known and evaluated.

[Rev 2:20]
Who are the modern day Jezebels? The seeker rebels against orthodoxy, but many others rebel for ego's sake.
1) Criminals who fight the system for personal gain.
2) Rebels who rebel for rebellion's sake.
3) Wanna be teachers, who have not contacted the inner voice and believe they are in
contact with various supernatural beings.
These think they speak for God, but on a good show, but in the end lead one away
from truth.
This section goes on to explain how the seeker must not "allow" her to seduce the

To be continued.......

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