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Unveiling, II

As said previously, we will only give the bare minimum, as an outline or index of the
book. To this end, we will use a notation system as follows.
[1] Numbers in brackets reference page numbers in the book.

 Chapter One Titles in bold text are the same as in the book.

[Rev 1:4] Where Bible quotes are used in the book, we give only book, chapter:verse,
in brackets

APOKALUPSIS Words in blue, italic, caps are from the original, Greek version of the
Bible, followed by JJ's translation.

Ed: Note Notes, in red text, are not from the book. They are my own input and
will be used sparingly, if at all.

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That said, let us begin our synopsis of the book
Chapter One
Unveiling the Christ
[Rev 1:1-3] We begin with the opening verses and their meaning.
Revelation, from the Greek APOKALUPSIS, "revelation, be revealed, to lighten,
manifestation,coming and appearing.
It is derived from APOKALUPTO, "to take off the cover".
The real purpose  is to unveil Jesus Christ and such will bring a blessing, not a curse.

The Creative Seven
[Rev 1:4]
Church, EKKLESIA, "called or gathered out"
Asia, ASU, "sunrise or light"

"...John is writing to the groups gathered out from darkness with an eye toward a
greater light."

Used 59 times, seven seems to be John's favorite number.

"Each of the seven churches is under the influence of one of the seven creative rays."
Seven stars, candlesticks, spirits before the thrown, colors in the rainbow and notes in
the musical scale. [5] The seven rays are as follows.

Ray One:
The ray of power, associated with God the Father, divided into Will, Power and
Purpose. Those who gravitate to government, leadership and positions of power are
often under the influence of this ray.

Ray Two:
The teaching ray, Son of the Father, ray of Love-Wisdom. Christ represents the
highest under this ray.

Ray Three:
Third member of the Godhead, called the Ray of Active Intelligence. Intellectuals,
abstract thinkers, philosophers and mathematician are influenced by this ray.

Ray Four:
The Ray of Harmony through Conflict, stimulates creative energies in us.

Ray Five:
The Ray of Science or Concrete Knowledge, influences people to search for solid
provable answers to their questions.

Ray Six:
The Ray of Devotion or Idealism, has been the dominate ray amoung humanity over
the past two thousand years and is ruled by Pisces. These people devote
themselves to an ideal and are often religious, but not always.

Ray Seven:
This ray governs ceremonial law and order, or organizations. This governs the Age of
Aquarius that we are now entering. These people take interest in ceremony, not just
religious, but family and various organizations.

The Hidden Christ
[Rev 1:7]
This verse mentions that those that pierced Him will see Him, when he returns. Since
it's been 2000 years, the only way for that to happen is by reincarnation, so the Bible
supports that teaching.

[Rev 1:9]
John calls himself our "companion".
The Greek word SUGKOINONOS, accurately translated is "joint participant".
Don't just read the book and be scared by it. Hear, keep and serve the Word and you
will be on the blessed team.

[8] John is writing from Patmos, meaning solid rock (Christ), above waters (emotions).
He hears a voice from behind (internal), not in front (external)
coming from One Like the Son of Man
John is not talking with Jesus. It is one like, HOMOIOS, "resembling or corresponding
to. John is one with higher mind, so he speaks God's words.
[9] describes what the divine being looks like, using symbols which are explained
The Sword of God describes the two edged sword as the word of God. It cuts to
the heart all who receive it.
Ed:The first sentence JJ ever wrote to me, had that effect 

[10] [Rev 1:17-18] this explains falling to the ground, as dead, and how action (labor)
overcomes fear.

The Seven
[Rev 1:20]
Setting up to review the messages to the seven churches, we first define;
Angel, from the Greek AGGELOS, "messenger"
Church, from EKKLESIA, "called or gathered out"
We'll get into the messages in the next installment.

to be continued....

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