Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Inculcating Virtues and Super Powers

Inculcating Virtues and Super Powers
   For nearly half a century, I have been teaching how to become a Saint. I am using the word "Saint" to mean one who has, through years of practical experience, acquired an above "normal" amount of virtue. The best technique for acquiring virtue is to name and practice by emulation or acting as if we have these virtues. A list of these virtues include Patience, Kindliness, Efficiency, Precision, Charity, Devotion, Sicerity, Courage, Forbearance, Tolerance, Discrimination and Humility. The primary reason for practicing virtue is to become virtuous, but there are other "side effects" that come with virtue. A virtuous person will also receive "Gifts of the Spirit", also known as Siddhis or Supernatural powers.
    The lower plains follow the higher ones, like iron filings on a magnet. By imagining in our mind's eye, we cause the physical to follow the image. If picturing ourselves as becoming more virtuous helps achieve that end, it follows that imagining gaining supernatural powers will also speed up the process, as long as we are motivated to be good because it is good to be good and not because it gives you more super powers.  Alas, I don't recall ever seeing a list of powers that come with sainthood or from becoming part of "Atoms" and "Molecules", so I can't list them, like I did with the virtues. What I can do is to begin compiling a list, in the hope that readers can add to it. Such a list of "super powers" would be based on reports of abilities, said to had by disciples and Masters of various forms of yoga. See if you can add to the list.

Supernatural Powers
> Abilities to heal and even raise the dead.
> Ability to prolong life for thousands of years, although not immortal.
> Ability to bilocate, be in two places at the same time.
> overcome time and space, traveling to anywhere or when in the universe.
> Can see into the hearts and minds of others.
>  Can walk on water.
> Can fly.
> Can control the weather.
> Can change bodily functions that are normally automatic, like heart rate, body temperature, etc.
> Pereives the inner workings, principles, that govern nature.
> Can teach and be understood by all, even if they speak different languages.
> Can communicate with all life forms, from the least to the greatest, even so called inorganic forms.
> High degree of skill and knowledge in many fields of art and science.
> Their words "ring true" and attract groups of Seekers of Truth.
> They live humble lives, but are often deified after their passing.
   As I said, this list is just a start, but is still an inspiration to inculcate more virtue into our lives. See if you can think of any other powers.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time flies when you're having fun

We have all heard the expression, "Time flies when you're having fun". In fact, since virtually all of us has personally observed proof for themselves, we could say it is hard science. If we really know something, we aught to be able to define it well, if not to others, at least to ourselves. If it's science, we aught to be able to create a math formula, showing the speed of time being equal to the number of funs in a given amount of time, like LPH_laughs per hour.

This is all fine and dandy so far, but it also creates a bit of an enigma. We are drawn into the game of life, because it is fun. If you aren't having fun, you aren't playing by the rules of the game. To play the game, all players start at a single point, called Start/Finish. From there, they spread out to every other point in the universe and then get back to the One Start/Finish Point, as fast as possible, by having lots of laughs on the way. The tricky bit is, the Start/Finish point is not located in any time or place. It's eternal. When we cross the finish line, all mention of time gets removed from our math equation. All that's left is the fun. Would I like a job, having non-stop fun, for ever and ever? Heck no, I'm in the Union. We need breaks for meals, rest, coffee and smoke 'em if you got 'em. Without breaks, we would all end up in padded rooms or coffins. But we are in eternity, so what time do we get these breaks? Are you beginning to see why we keep getting back into the game of life? Does god create universes, just to keep from getting bored?

  Just wondering out loud,

Friday, November 17, 2017

Atomology 101

  This article is the third, in a series on creating a human molecule. We began, in "molecular Mates", with the desire for creating a molecule, which would be made up from twelve male/female pairs, also known as "Atoms".  In the second article, we find Richard, a.k.a. "Sha", and Maria, a.k.a. "Chari", being given "Hobson's choice" (the absence of a real alternative) to create an Atom. The lack of freedom of choice seemed to be a roadblock for the partnership to proceed any farther. Seeing this, Sha offers Chari the opportunity to back out and find a partner of her own choice. When she responded that she wanted to remain partners, this meant that both had mutually made the free choice to be partners. Unlike most unions that begin with physical attraction, an atomic partnership was to start from the "top-down", beginning with a union of minds. It seems clear that the developing atom already had some mental connection, because both now shared the same question. They both want to know more about what it takes to make a good Atom. Throughout history, countless writings have tried to explain what it takes to have a good, stable relationship. The study of any field of science is called an "___ology". What is clearly needed here is a "Reader's Digest" of all the things that have been discovered in, what I will call a textbook on "Atomology 101". Beyond telling you that the word "Atomology" is not new and has been around for nearly 4 centuries, I will leave out footnotes, references and bibliography, to keep it down to a useful size. I'm not big on quoting chapter:verse, so let's just say that everything in this article is just from "information" that I have gathered in a lifetime and we leave it to readers to decide which is facts or just theories.

There are multiple levels, or plains in which we can achieve unity or Oneness; soul, mental, emotional and physical. Usually, there is a door between each level, but there is a way to open the doors. Black Op government research on mind control revealed that the conscious and sub-conscious mind, which are normally closed from each other, become connected as orgasm is reached. the connection doesn't last long, but they found the door can be kept open if the subject is kept in a state of near orgasm for an extended period. I don't know what technique they used to create the extended pre-O, but have experienced that before and it does open doors of awareness.  If union is attempted at soul and mental levels, the effect will be felt all the way down to physical levels, but if there was no physical contact made, the physical experience will not be anything as strong as that which would happen during sexual union. At the physical level, it might just feel like a breath of fresh air.

This next feature of atoms is something I have been talking about for months, but have only discovered the science that explains it, in time to write about it in this article. The link between proton (male) and electron (female) is not effected by differences in time and space. We are taught that space/time is an illusion. The reality is that all of space and time is contained in the one Here and Now. When the proton and electron communicate mentally, they create a diagonal slice through the illusion of time and space and are united in the One Here and Now, which is the True Reality.

As we continue the experiment with creating Atoms and Molecules, I will continue adding more to this series.
Until then, OM,

Thursday, November 2, 2017

I just met a girl named Maria

It has been ten months, since my last article was penned. It seems that the year 2017 would be for changing from adventures in a virtual world to my gratest real life adventure of a life time. In my previous article, I wrote about finding a molecular mate. I had decided that I had never found the right person, because I had never imagined what that person would be like.
Recently, I was asked to be a member of a group that would begin to experiment with making a human molecule. Such a molecule has not been done since the time of King Arthur (4th century?). As I began having group chats with this new group, the talk was of picking a partner in the group. Oh my goodness, this was not going to be an easy thing to do, for me. My life, this far was a history of failed relationships. Looking back at previous lives, it seemed I had not tasted of such a relationship for almost two and a half centuries, and even that time there was usually an ocean between us. I had no idea of how to pick a partner from this new group, so I asked our leader, who would be a good partner for me. He was quick to give me one name only, Maria Herraiz. Some of the members in the group I had known for twenty years, but I had never heard of this lady, so I went to look at her Facebook page. WOW!!!! I had no idea that such a person was even possible, in this world, but  now, as I get to know more about her with each day, it seems like the gods were plotting to bring us together. I think, given the chance, I could write a whole book about how cool Maria is, but words can be dangerous enemies of Truth. This will be like learning to juggle, while walking a tightrope across the Grand Canyon. This must be done with all the skill I can muster, because failure is not an option.
I am writing this to ask my friends to pray for my success  and thank you in advance.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Molecule Mates

   I have been on leave from SL Newser, for a couple of months now, because of physical pain in RL. Since I don't use MDs and Meds, I have tried healers in SL and RL. I have had four RL sessions with a Reiki Master, Chelsea. During the last "Past Life Healing" session, she said several things that caught my attention. With one hand on my back and one on front, she said she glimpsed all of my past lives. I replied, that would be a very long list. Her return was a yes and Ben Franklin was one of them. Ha ha, now I can tell people it's more than just a rumor. Later, as she did some house cleaning in my astral body, she tried to remove some big "worry". She asked what I worried about. I didn't think I had any "worries", but mentioned I might have one regarding not having a partner to do the "New Jerusalem Meditation"
She asked me to define this partner, but I was shocked to discover that I couldn't. It seems I had not yet attempted to imagine that partner. I decided I needed to take notes and write a story about it, just as I did when writing for the newspaper.

   The New Jerusalem Meditation is done by a group of twenty-four individuals, made up of twelve male/female pairs, called "Atoms". Standing in a circle, the twelve atoms create a molecule. The molecule has powers that far exceeds the sum of the powers of it's atoms. It has been explained that, historically, these molecules are very rare and that the twelve apostles and the knights of the round table were two temporarily successful molecules.I did a graphic novel that shows the meditation, called "Petra and the New City" (follow index links to other chapters) , the project is unfinished, for now, but I learned a lot in the process.  I know many people, besides myself, that would like to become a part of a working molecule. Many of us have yet to form good atoms, so let's make a checklist of what to look for.

Male/Female: At first, this seems pretty black and white, but, in the bigger picture, what are we really looking for?  All forms are a mixture of yin and yang, male/female energy. Even at the base physical level, DNA produces more than two sexes. At the Astral/Emotional level, we see even more cross over, with sissy boys and butch girls. At the higher Mental level, gender plays very little, as our thinking evolves. In our imagination we can be anything at any time, with complete freedom. As we evolve towards good, because of the Oneness Principle, we all become hermaphrodites. Finding our partner is not about finding one of the opposite sex. We need to find a person whose male/female energy mixture, when combined with ours, creates the correct proportion of yin/yang in our "Atom".
Practical/Ideal/Mental: Like the male/female thing, we all have various levels of Practicality, Idealism and Mentality. Studies show that a balance of these is essential to a good relationship. Two idealists will be torn from every direction, more than together. Put a practical person with an idealistic one and they will have a better chance at staying together, by balancing the see-saw. Two practical people will do even better, because they plan on doing things that are for the greatest good of the union. Regardless of how Practicality and idealism are balanced, the level of mentality must be equal. If they are not equally evolved, mentally, the dumb one must become smarter as the smart one becomes dumber. Being equal in the mind puts a couple on the same page, seeing eye to eye. This allows them to overcome any other imbalance of energies. They are even immune to astrological influences that might be bad for other couples.
Looks: Perhaps perceptions would be a better word, as it includes our ranking of others, in regard to how well they match our personal mental image of a perfect partner. They don't have to be perfect by any other image than our own. Still, life is supposed to be fun and I confess to thinking that it's  more fun to have a partner that I love to look at.
   Now that we have a list of things to look for, it's time to find potential partners and compare notes. Just finding new friends is hard enough, but bringing up the topic of "partnerships" can be a major challenge, given that you have both had your share of failed happily ever afters. You meet somebody at a party, enjoy talking, get a phone number, bump into each other a few times. When is a good time to talk about atoms and molecules? Don't ask me. I'm open to advice myself. I'm an artist. I create illustrations, carve trinkets, write and play songs and I write stories. Perhaps, the next time I meet somebody that I like looking at, I'll be sure to tell them that I am a writer and, if they are interested in a sample, I'll give them a link to THIS page. Efficiency is the mother of all virtues. When can we say "I love you"? Any time, if you don't know the true meaning of the word. To know is to love. It's going to take time to really know somebody.

Still Seeking,

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Our Lady's Futurecast

   With the elections and all the turkeys behind us, we begin looking forward to the holiday season and the end of another year. December is a time for recalling things from our past and making hopeful predictions of what the future will bring.
   This year had plenty of ups and downs, but we also had two rewarding, memorable experiences. For a half century, I have been an amateur esoteric scientist. I took delight in telling friends things that science didn't know, but would soon discover. My favorite stories were 1) that the true shape of the universe would be found to be a giant donut and 2) that scientists would soon begin to prove there is a god (or supreme designer). Admittedly, these are some fantastic topics, but in SL, with it's preponderance of sci-fi nerds, they are great "ice-breakers" and have generated many great chat sessions. This year, I found a number of videos, on line, that science was now beginning to echo my theories. One group of scientists had even shown where our galaxy, the Milky Way, was located on the donut. My joy was short lived, when I remembered that I had never written them down and so could not prove that I had predicted them in advance. Oh well, there's still a silver lining. Now that science was accepting my introductory logic, I can point out some of the logical extensions to the theories. Hopefully, by getting it on paper this time, I can enlighten the world or, at the very least, entertain the nerds among our readers.
   We aren't trying to write a book here, so we will just give some short thumbnails of the theories that we think science will be discovering in the near future.
   There is Energy and there is Form, a.k.a. Matter. We keep finding increasingly smaller bits of matter, but there seems to be no end in sight as too how small or big matter can be. Where is the dividing line between Energy and Matter? If Energy can not be created or destroyed, it is Eternal. What is causing the eternal to be confined by the dimensions of time/space? The connection is neither and both finite and infinite. It is only a mental image. Science will come up with a math formula that will take a whole blackboard to write, but this same thought can also be expressed in the form of a simple, short sentence, such as "To be or not to be..." or "I am becoming that which I will become". Words and numbers aren't even required, as long as you "get the picture" in your mind.
   If you ask most people what the fourth dimension is, they will, incorrectly, say Time. If the first dimension is "here to there", the second dimension is perpendicular to it or "left and right". The third dimension will be perpendicular to the first and second or "up and down". Keeping with this series, the fourth dimension will be perpendicular to all of the first three or "bigger and smaller", or Scale. This understanding of dimensions may seem unimportant, but as the world's thinking begins to take it into account, many new doors will open to science.
   Science observes the behavior of the matter in the universe and finds it behaves like there is much more matter than they can see. Science will soon discover that it is like the matter that we can see, but with an added twist, which they will call "Nutation" or wobble. If you spin energy, like a top, that spinning form is what we call matter. If we could "freeze-frame" these units of matter, we would see that the spinning energy is never evenly distributed around the center of rotation. The imbalance of energy is like putting a bowling ball in a washing machine, during the spin cycle. Every unit of matter has a slight wobble to it. Although the frequency or rate of nutation can have a wide spectrum of speeds, there are certain speeds that will be harmonically in tune with other speeds and they will stand apart, like notes in a musical scale. You could be standing next to a person or object and not be able to see it, if the matter in your eyeballs is wobbling at a different rate than the matter that the person or object is made from. Like the spokes on a bicycle wheel, they are there, but you can’t see them. Operators of web fed printing presses, like those used for printing newspapers, use strobe lights to see the printed images as they speed by. Science will soon develop machines to view other forms of matter. Individual humans can develop the ability to see other forms of matter, because their bodies are made up of matter of the different nutational rates. There are various yoga exercises that can help develop an awareness of other grades of matter.

   The speed of light is not a constant. It is already known that light slows down as it gets near mass. What is yet to be discovered is that light also changes speed relative to the scale of the matter being looked at. If you could shrink down in size, to where a single quark is the size of the whole universe, it would take light the same amount of time to cross from one side of the quark to the other as it does to cross the entire universe. Scientist will figure this out, using theory, because they can never build actual machines that can zoom in to the needed frame of reference. Thought is the only thing in the universe that can travel faster than light.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Paradise Eiland

   Ever since I wrote about Creations for Parkinson's, I have been attending their Sunday night angel's dance. Several friends, including some of the other Newser Reporters, also make frequent trips to Creations. I have also made many new friends there. Last Sunday, Maia Antarra asked me if I would be interested in writing about the coming opening of a new healing center which she was involved with. This new center, "Paradise Eiland Retreat & Event Center" uses non-medical, New Age therapies, like Reiki, Tai Chi, meditation and sound to restore balance and health. I found this topic very interesting, for two reasons. I have been looking into the idea that Second Life can provide real life therapy. Add to this, in the last few months I have developed a problem with poor circulation and pain in my feet and legs. I have very little faith in medical doctors and have been trying to book an appointment in a RL healing center, like the one Maia was describing in SL. I was given a LM and told to contact the owner, Rod Eiland. When our Sunday event ended, I headed for Paradise. In addition to reporting on it, I was hoping to offer myself as proof that these virtual reality techniques do, in fact, work.

   The landing put me right in front of the healing center. While waiting for things to rez, I noticed and enjoyed the soothing music stream. The peace was enhanced as natural scenery and classic Greek architecture came into view.
   Entering the healing building, I found a group prayer/invocation animation and some massage tables, with animation balls for the healers to use. The walls were decorated with iconography from various world religions. From experience, I knew that healing requires the patient to believe in the effectiveness of the treatment. I could tell that this environment would be very believable, for most people. I went back outside to explore more of the center and spotted Rod Eiland was on the West end of the sim with another member of the healing staff. I found them dancing on a beautiful glass dance floor. Introducing myself, I learned that they had already been told to expect me. The three of us talked, until Rod's assistant had to log off. Rod then offered to give me a private tour. The center occupies the Southern half of the Sugar Valley sim
   Our first stop was the Tai Chi area, on the North side of the dance floor. Rod explained that his specialty was sound healing, using brass bowls and gongs and he offered a free session. He said it would work best if I wore headphones, so I dimmed my lights, lit a candle and put my headset on. I could feel the sound vibrating, all the way down to my solar plexus and, for the first time in weeks, was not having any shooting pains from my left foot.

   I made an appointment to return the following night for a full treatment. Our timing was off, so I missed the scheduled time and spent time getting more details of the upcoming grand opening.
    The center will open on November 26, with opening ceremony beginning at 1pm SLT, with the release of a flock of eagles. Technically speaking, I can't tell you that these healing techniques will cure anything. I can say that, based on experience in SL and RL, there is great potential for real healing here. These things also take time, so don't expect any instant miracle cures on your first visit. I'm going to keep my walking cane handy, until I've been to a few more sessions.

   At this point of the story, I would normally be telling readers to come have a great adventure. What I will say is, if you or a friend have been feeling your light has dimmed, you owe it to yourself to explore Paradise Eiland and see if they can turn up the light and get you in the pink.