Monday, December 30, 2013

Unveiling, I


This is the start of a series of blogs which will serve as a synopsis of the book, "The
Unveiling", by J.J.Dewey. It is not intended to duplicate the book. We will only give the
bare minimum, as an outline or index of the book, in the hope that readers will
become interested in Mr. Dewey's writings, purchase and read his books and perhaps
join his online classroom at .

Before starting to write this series, I kept asking myself why was I trying to undertake
such a project. I was already spending much of my time writing articles for SL Newser
and was planning to utilize my developing writing skills to promote public interest in
Pneumatic Crystal Lattice construction, a technique for building floating cities, which I
have been experimenting with for most of my adult life. My plate already seemed
pretty full, so why did I want to attempt to explain JJ's book, which attempts to explain
St. John's book, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ"?

I wrote JJ to get permission to reproduce portions of the book, which is Copyright
2012. After receiving his permission, I read the preface again, for the third time. This
time, however, there was a profound difference. It was like a bright light was now
shining on the page.

Joseph Dewey and I became friends a little over 15 years ago, when I read his book,
"The Immortal" and asked if I could start an internet classroom, wherein he could
teach the group. He gave permission and said it should be called "The Keys of
Knowledge". The group is still going strong and in 15 years he has written enough to
fill a bookshelf. His first post was on the topic of the Teacher/Student relationship.
Using me as an example, he said that, in our relationship, he was the teacher and I the
student, but sometimes we switched roles. Oddly enough, I have often sensed,
intuitively, that we have been team mates in previous lives. The feeling was
reinforced, as I read the preface and discovered we have both had a profound
interest in the book of Revelations, for the same 40 years.

The Revelation, or unveiling, is divided into three sections.
1) Chapters 1-3 contain instructions to those who have experienced the birth of the
Christ within and seek to become sons of God, disciples and initiates.
2) Chapters 4-13 are instructions to the disciple or initiate who has been successful in
holding the mind steady in the light to the extent that he is dedicated to becoming like
his Master, the Christ.
3) Chapters 14-22 tells what happens after the initiate becomes as his Master.

To be continued....

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