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Unveiling, V


[1] Numbers in brackets reference page numbers in the book.
 Chapter One Titles in bold text are the same as in the book.
[Rev 1:4] Where Bible quotes are used in the book, we give only book,
chapter:verse, in brackets
APOKALUPSIS Words in blue, italic, caps are from the original, Greek version
of the Bible, followed by JJ's translation.
Ed: Note Notes, in red text, are not from the book. They are my own input
and will be used sparingly, if at all.

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The Yielding of Crowns
[Rev 4:8-11] The explanation for this verse references Alice Bailey and The Old
Commentary, with the tale of the three disciples that would not give up their
material gains (yield their crowns) to continue on the path and became the
founders of the Jewish race and beginning of the history of the wandering Jew.

Revelations Chapter Five
Opening the Book

The Door to the Oneness Principle
[Rev 5:1-4] This is NOT about the last days before the end of the world. The
scroll is the book of life, containing all knowledge and wisdom, available through
the Holy Spirit or The Oneness Principle. Seven seals - states of consciousness
- must be achieved to have a fullness of The Oneness Principle.

Why can no man open this scroll?

[I Cor 15:50] We cannot open it with mortal human consciousness. The seeker
must ascend to the throne and use soul for intuitive knowledge of the Oneness

The Lion and the Lamb
[Rev 5:5-7] The path must be trod by the humble lamb, but in the end gets slain
and the resurrected lion takes the kingdom by force and opens the seals.

Eye of the Beholder
[Rev 5:8-10] He still follows the inner voice but now knows the voice as his own
inner being and is as confident as the lion.

The New Song
[Rev 5:9-10]
New, KAINOS, Things that never were, comming to pass.
The seeker now knows, for the first time, that he is indeed worthy.

The Glory of God and Christ
(Rev 5:11-14] He that pursues the fullness of Christ will sacrifice all the desires
of the lower self to accomplish a great work in the service of humanity.
For doing so he will receive the following:
1) Power, spiritual power, power to accomplish a great service to the world.
2) Riches, he receives peace and inner joy, he would not trade for all the money
in the world.
3) Wisdom, He is one with the mind of God and shares the wisdom of God.
4) Strength, that will be apparent to seekers around him.
5) Honor, He is true to himself, his friends and bretheren and will be honored by
6) Glory, will naturally follow because he brings glory to God and does a glorious
7) Blessing, because he blesses the world and thankfulness returns many fold.

Chapter Six
Opening the Six Seals

The First Seal
This section begins with quoting the first half of Chapter Six [Rev 6:1-8]. We pick
it up here with the breakdown of verses.

[Rev 6:1-2] The four horses closely align with Alice Bailey's "lower quaternary", in
turn aligned with energies of the lower centers.
1) The lower mind
2) The emotional body
3) Prana or vital energy
4) The etheric double of the physical body

...a horse represents the intellect manifesting through the lower nature...

The white horse and rider are called faithful and true, but they are not the Christ

on a white horse in chapter 19. They wear different crowns.
The first rider wears STEPHANQS, crown of victory in battle.
The Christ wears DIADEMA, a royal crown.
The first had yet to win a kingdom, the second is a king that has mastered the
seven seals.

The Red Horse
[Rev 6:3-4] The disciple must be prepared and strengthened when He opens the
second seal. Instead of warm fuzzy vibrations he will face friction, resistance and
hate. He enters the storm at the opening of the second seal.

The Black Horse
[Rev 6:5] Starved of the emotion of happiness from other humans, he is directed
to the proper use of oil and wine for spiritual joy.

The Pale Horse
[Rev 6:7-8] When the disciple accepts those things he cannot change then death
and hell lose their sting and it seems the number of calamities are greatly
reduced so he can move on to higher lessons.

Souls that were Slain
[Rev 6:9-11] When all wrong desire, spiritual and carnal, are killed and placed
under the altar of God then the way is paved for all the seals to be opened and
even the lower nature sees the wisdom of being subjected to the higher.

The Sixth Seal
[Rev 6:12-14] As the disciple moves into understanding of the Oneness
Principle, all seperation is moved out of it's place and replaced by a knowing of
all life and the brotherhood of man.

[Rev 6:15-17] Who shall be able to stand against a truth revealed and seen in the
 light of Christ or the soul? No one.

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