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Unveiling, IV

UNVEILING, IV  [Ottheinrich.jpg]

[1] Numbers in brackets reference page numbers in the book.
Chapter One Titles in bold text are the same as in the book.
[Rev 1:4] Where Bible quotes are used in the book, we give only book,
chapter:verse, in brackets
APOKALUPSIS Words in blue, italic, caps are from the original, Greek
version of the Bible, followed by JJ's translation.
Ed: Note Notes, in red text, are not from the book. They are my
own input and will be used sparingly, if at all.
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Spiritual Death
[Rev 2:21] The seeker went too far with patience and tolerance of
wrong beliefs. Something more is needed.

[Rev 2:22] The fate of Jezebel

[Rev 2:23] A fate worse than death

Spiritual Death, Part 2
[Rev 2:24] Those who follow the inner voice and expose Jezebel get 
no more karma in this phase.

[Rev 2:25] Don't get so excited about learning new truths that you 
forget the ones already learned. Reflect on them, regularly, lest you 
forget them and are attracted by another Jezebel.

[Rev 2:26] One day, the enlightened will have power over the nations.

[Rev 2:27] The rod of iron represents pure truth.

[Rev 2:28] The seeker will, one day, join in the creation of new earths.

Chapter Three
Preparing for Discipleship
Paying attention
[Rev 3:1-3] This section again reminds us to "hold fast" to the 
principles already learned, lest we be unprepared to receive more truth 
and knowledge.

The Outer Garment
[Rev 3:4-5] Gives the symbolism of wearing white.

The Open Door
Moving on to the church of Philadelphia
[Rev 3:7] The seeker now has better communion with the inner voice. 
He knows it is good and true. The Key of David opens the door to the 
inner soul, but can also lock out those that are not ready.

[Rev 3:8] The seeker now has the ability to keep the door open and 
enter at will. He can do this because he has 1) a little strength, 

DUNAMIS,"inherent power", 2) "kept my word", listens and follows the 
inner voice 3) "not denied my name", name = purpose, seeker stays 
on course, thus honors the name and purpose of God.

The Great Temptation
[Rev 3:9] Those that persecuted the seeker in this life will be extoling 
his virtues in the next. Will they ever learn?

[Rev 3:10] His eyes now open, the seeker will not be fooled by the 
things that hold others back.

Going No More Out
[Rev 3:11-12] At this level of awareness, the seeker becomes like a 
strong building block in God's temple. He need not incarnate again, 
unless he so chooses. Because he is one with the Father, he bears 
the same name. He can now be called God himself.
<Ed: At the time I write this, I made a white, "team" T-shirt for my 
avatar, with an illustration of New Jerusalem and the words "New J 
The Ray of Philadelphia
At stage six, the seeker is governed by Ray Two, the Ray of 

The Great Decision
The seventh or last letter.
[Rev 3:14] Here the inner Master reveals three qualities about himself.
 1) He is the Amen
Amen means "verily". It is first the name of God, second a statement 
preceding the declaration of truth, third the consummation of a prayer.

2) the faithful and true witness
When the disciple truly listens and receives , it is like receiving it from 
himself. He would not consciously lie to himself and so learns to trust 
the inner voice as if it were his own.

3) the beginning of the creation of God
Now the seeker can begin to manifest that which is good, beautiful and 

Unlike letters to the other churches, this one does not begin with 
praises for the seeker. Instead, he receives a stern wake-up call.

[Rev 3:15-16] The seeker can not sit on his laurels. In this step he 
must choose between Light and Dark.

[Rev 3:17] Even with all he has gained so far, the seeker has nothing, 
compared to what there is yet to be had.

[Rev 3:18] The seeker must now invest even more to be part of the 
bigger picture.

[Rev 3:19] The Master applies tough love, because he loves the 

Opening The Door
[Rev 3:20-22] Now follows a great blessing. When the Master knocks, 
you must open the door. You don't have to be special to receive the 
gifts. The opportunity is available to all that apply themselves to it.
Ed: Like those FREE MONEY infomercials, the money is out there, 
but you have to apply to get it.

The Ray of the Laodiceans
Step seven, governed by Ray Seven, The Ray of Ceremonial Law, 
Magic, Order and Synthesis.
The aspirant approaches discipleship and opens the door to higher 
consciousness through clothing himself with divine order and 
synthesizing all he has learned.

The Commited Disciple
Chapter Four
The Vision Begins
The Open Door

We start with a whole chapter [Rev 4:1-11]
For every right explanation of Revelations there are a hundred that are 

[Rev 4:1-2] The "door" is the barrier between spirit and matter, a.k.a., 
Soul. Trumpet, SALPIGX, "to shake or disturb"
The thrown is A) Planetary Logos, Ancient of Days and B) the center 
between the eyebrows.

The Inner Lights
[Rev 4:3-4] John does not describe God as a man sitting on a throne, 
but as lights resting upon and around the throne. Elders, 
PRESBUTEROS, "old or ancient", also sit on thrones. Ed:With God, 
form a molecule of 24

The Four Beasts
[Rev 4:5-6] The perfected Christ consciousness consists of the 
1) Opening the door to heaven (soul contact)
2) Perceive the inner God on his throne within.
3) Receive light from the inner voice.
4) Through oneness, links to the inner molecule.
5) Sees a sea of light, light of the inner space that enlightens.
6) Sees the four beasts

The beasts have six wings, symbol of the chakras.
1) Sacral Center converting sexual energy to creative service
2) Solar Plexus raise lower emotions to higher
3) Heart Center selfish love replaced with unselfish love
4) Throat Center right speach directs words, thoughts and creativity 
towards harmlessness and elevating the heart towards service
5) Ajna Center-third eye opens the door of inspiration, brings down 
ideas and principles, so the lower nature can see and understand
6) Crown Chakra tunes into and follows a higher will that that 
possessed by the nature of the beast

The four beasts are the realizations needed to ascend lower 
consciousness to the throne.
1) the Lion, the lower nature submits to the higher
2) Calf, the animal nature is sacraficed to the spiritual nature
3) Man, the lower nature will now provide service to humanity
4) Eagle, applies laws, principles and events over which we have no 

to be continued.....

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