Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 21]

Page 21

    The brilliant, swirling light receded, but the feeling of Oneness remained, accompanied by an almost overpowering feeling of receiving great joy.  If you put all of your Christmas and birthday surprises, from an entire life, together, it would only be like a single second of what they were now feeling.

   They rose, as one, and moved to the couch.  There were plans to be made.

They still thought as one. For either to speak, would break the spell, but they also knew it was a time to speak.  Petra initiated the moment with a feather touch to Aaron's cheek.
   "The two of us, together, form a single stone in an arch that will bridge this world with the earth below", she proclaimed, timidly, full well knowing the work ahead would call on more courage than the two of them combined had yet to produce.

   "I know", he assured her, "the first question that enters the disciple's mind, is whether he is worthy of the work he is permitted.  I am assured, by many of my companions, that the true merits are earned by doing your best.  I, for one, find the work to be a reward on it's own.  I am honored to be allowed the serve in assisting to link the Lights of the world together."

  "Well", Petra replied, "we have certainly taken a step in the right direction, by teaming up."
   "True," he continued for her, " the combination of the male radiant  and the female magnetic energies must first be brought into balance, before either can be added to a molecule.

  "I'll bet you've already planned some tutoring for me about atoms and molecules", she ventured.
   "Of course," he returned, "we will go talk to someone very knowledgeable on that subject, shortly, but first, I'm sensing it's time for a short trip back to the physical earth.
   "Oh! Do I need to go get my two stones, to fly back with you?"

  "No need for them, this time", he said.  "Remember, only you are here physically.  I am still in meditation, back on earth. I am staying the night at the house of my friends, Richard and Deb. While we were at the Gathering, he suggested that now that you and I had linked up, our combined powers might enable me to join you here in the flesh. Let your mind stay with mine, as I return to my body and we'll see if, together we can retrieve it." 
   As he said this, she relaxed and felt the room disolve around them.

  In a moment, they found themselves flying through swirling clouds of energy, with the New City diminishing to a point of light behind them. 

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