Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 7]

page 7

   Her spirit was willing to go on and on, but the flesh had been through a long day of exploring new worlds.  How long had this day lasted?  She had no way of knowing.  The sun had already set, when she first arrived at the city, but they didn't seem to have night here.  There were four torches, mounted on the columns in her room, yet most of the light did not come from them.  The room was as bright as if it had no roof and it was high noon on a sunny day.  Still, a girl has to get her beauty rest and time to dream of all the wonderful things she had seen so far.

  She began to survey her palace, for a good spot for a bed.  The corner, by the door looked inviting and offered a good vista of her domain.

 And, without hesitation, up from the floor came the very bed she had imagined.

 It looked a little out of place, all by itself, so a chest of drawers popped up, to keep it company.

  She sat down on what had to be the most comfortable matress she had ever experienced and felt sure, that if she didn't disrobe fast, she would wake to find one shoe on and one shoe off.  Back pack, side packs, shoes, socks and shorts came off and landed on the floor.

  One last look around and then she playfully clapped her hands three times and the lights dimmed to the flicker of torches and dawn's first light beyonds the stained glass window.

  She was sound asleep, as soon as her head hit the pillow. 

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