Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 11]

Page 11

  "People certainly have a way of popping out of here in a hurry", she muttered to herself.  She thought it might be nice if she had a pet of some kind, to stay with her.  She felt sure nobody would mind if she had just a small one. But, like an artist standing in front of a blank canvas, she knew it would have to be something unique. A dog or cat just would not do here.  Why not something from mythology or fantasy?  There were some statues of gargoyles, perched on top of the columns in her room, but she felt such as they would be entirely too tempermental and moody for her liking.  Then she remembered a funny little creature, out of the pages of an art book, and was instantly sure that it would be the perfect choice. She thought it might require some thought to bring this creature into being, but as she turned, to begin, there he was, walking across a bench, toward her, like a cat that had just heard a can opener.

  She squatted down next to the bench and extended her index finger, to see if he would allow her to touch him.  He responded by offering one of his front feet, handshake fashion, and their friendship began.  She followed this with a few gentle strokes on the top of his head.  We say he, but it's gender, if it even has one, remains in question.  In fact, his original designer has said that is is not known whether these creatures are mammals, reptiles or insects. Thinking along these lines is what suggested Petra's name for it.  "Everyone will want to know, 'What is he?', so I'll just call you Izzy", she told her new friend.  With that, Izzy wagged his tail and then made several to and fro runs to the end of the bench, before jumping off and making a dash for the stairs.

  This reminded her of scenes from Lassie movies, so she asked him, "What is it Izzy?  You want me to follow you?"  Izzy spun around several times and then continued towards the desk.

  He leaped up on to the desk and then found a perch on top of the monitor. "you want me to turn it on?", she asked.  Izzy shook his head back and forth and seemed to be pointing at the window with his tail.  Petra pointed at the window and he did a little dance of joy.

  She stepped up to the window for a closer look.  At this distance, what had looked like glass, now looked more like a multi-colored holographic projection.

  When she advanced her hand toward it, to see if it was solid, it vanished, reveiling a courtyard beyond.  The floor and walls were of the same color and material as those in her room, but there was no door or gate anywhere along the walls.

  There were several wooden benches and two potted plants, but no other decor.  "It looks like I'm supposed to meet some people out there.", she suggested to Izzy as she began to climb through the window.  Satisfied that he had done his job, Izzy just curled up and took a nap on top of the monitor.

Petra positioned herself near the benches, to wait for her visitors.  She wouldn't have to wait long. 

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