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Petra [Page 12]

Page 12

  "Aloha Petra", announced the first visitor.  "We have all been awaiting your return."

   Petra was not at all startled by the sudden appearance of this young woman.  From the look and sound of her, her first guess was that this might be a student of  her former teacher.  Then, her heart skipped a beat as the full truth dawned on her.

   "MAI", she squeeled!  "Can it be? Oh, this is too good to be true."

   "It can be and it is me and nothing is too good to be true", Mai said as the two embraced.  "You make your old teacher very happy to see that her service has been rewarded, in seeing her student arrive in this place." 

   "Old?", Petra corrected her.  "Dear one, it looks like I am not the only one that hasn't bothered to look in a mirror lately."
   With that, both girls had a good laugh.  To see them now, you could not pin their respective roles down, because, for the moment, they were as two classmates, best buds forever.

  "Ah yes", Mai replied, "that body served long and well, but after passing the torch and the stones on to you I was more than ready to trade it in for a new one." 
   Mai looked deep into Petra's eyes and would have seemed quite serious, except she was so full of joy that it just seemed to radiate from her in rainbow waves and bubbles.  "You remember how to play leap-frog?", said she.
   This was like some secret password, between them.  Petra felt sure that though her teacher had never played that game with her, physically, they had been playing it for many life times together.
   "Your turn to be the tadpole" Petra smiled, thinking ahead to a day, more than half a century in the future, when she would pass the two gemstones on to a young pupil.

  "Yes old friend", was Mai's reply.  "And, as always, I am sure we will recognize each other.  But now, there is someone else, that is here now, and is hoping you will remember him.", she said as she turned and pointed to the spot where she had made her entrance a moment before. 

   "In this form, you knew him as Nohr.", Mai explained. "but you had already been his mate in a series of life times before.  The two of you evolved the art of human relations from mere mates to dedicated lovers.  In Nohr's time, the two of you were from different clans, separated by half a continent, but were brought together when the tribes began to join together, to form a the precursor of the Mukulian Civilization, on the continent of Lemuria.

  Nohr gave a friendly hand gesture and then walked over to where Mai and Petra were standing.  He did not fit the picture of our caveman ancestors, that most anthropologists paint. He stood tall and straight, had very little body hair and exuded a charming warmth and friendliness. If you put him in some contemporary clothing and gave him a hair cut, he could easily fit right into any crowd.  As he approached, they joined hands.  Petra could sense the strength of the bond that extended beyond time.  She was wondering if there would be any problems understanding his prehistoric language, but was quickly put at ease as he began to speak.

  Nohr spoke English, as well as she did and proved to be very intelelligent as well.  With a wave of his hand, he produced a three dimensional map, which floated in the air in front of them and he began to give the girls a lesson in Geography.
   "This is the continent of Lemuria", he began.  "It covered most of the area now known as the Pacific ocean. The Lemurian root race of mankind lived here, hudreds of thousands of years before the Adam and Eve written of in your Bible." 

   "Oh, yes", Petra added, "I've read much about it. Alice Bailey wrote about it, in her books."

  "Yes, I know Alice. She comes here, to New Jerusalem, often." Nohr informed them. "But, not when I am in this body, Alice knows me as an Englishman, named George."
   "My clan lived here, in the northern valley. There were twelve clans, or tribes, that lived in Lemuria, but they had little to do with each other until the time when they were led to live and work together on the great plain, in the northeast quadrant.  You were from a clan that lived in the South and both of us were among the first wave of new citizens.  Our descendants were known for their abilities in domesticating and hybridizing animal species. We were remembered, for many generations, for our favorite pet....."
   "Wuf," shouted Petra, surprising herself. Then, in a flash, they were joined by their old companion. Wild, by today's standards, Wuf was as happy to see them as they were to see him.  He wagged his tail and offered his paw in greeting.

  "Wow", Petra suddenly realized, "There are going to be a few people, back home, that will be pleased to learn that dogs do indeed go to heaven."
   The three friends had a good laugh over that one. "Yes," Nohr told her, "And there are more interesting things to tell, yet, but don't expect anyone to believe you without coming here themselves to prove it."
  With that, Nohr informed them that he must leave and allow others the chance to visit with Petra, but that she could contact him any time and he would return.  He gave her a hug and then, with a wink of his eye, he and Wuf vanished.

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