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Petra [Page 22]

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    As the scene began to reassemble itself, Petra found herself by Aaron's side.  He appeared to have just completed a greeting to the other occupant of the room and was already making his way to an object of interest, on top of the desk.

  She felt herself to be the odd-man-out in this scene, owing to the fact that her feet were still floating behind, instead of resting on the floor AND she could see right through herself.  Just as she was beginning to question whether the two men could also see her, their host looked her right in the eye and smiled.

   "Howdy Petra", he beamed.  "Welcome to my earthly abode. I'm Richard, we just met, at the Gathering."

   "Yes, I remember.", she said. "Weren't you coupled up with a lady named Rebecca?"  Petra had already accepted that she was indeed present in the room and quickly forgot her ghostlike qualities.
   "That's right", Richard assured her.  "We teamed up for that ceremony, because my 'soul mate' was unable to make that meeting."  As he was talking, a lady entered the room, sided up to Richard and entwined her fingers in his.
   Richard began the introduction with, "This is Deb, my mate. We're going to be an atom too. She has agreed to assist us in our teleportation experiment, today."

"Hi", Deb began. "We'll be assisted by a fifth person, who is meditating in New Jerusalem.  Our five minds will form a pyramid which is harmonically tuned to the one in New Jerusalem.  That will create a portal, through which Aaron's etheric body will travel."
   "Beam me up Scottie", Petra quipped.
   "Well, sort of like that", Deb continued. "But we'll be sending him in one piece, minus his collection of denser physical atoms.  Once there, his etheric body will attract new atoms from the surrounding environment. "
   "That sounds a lot different from the way I flew there", Petra said.
   "Yes", Richard responded, "In your case, you took your whole physical body and, after being exposed to the elements there, shed your denser atoms".

Richard reached over and set the electronic piano to play a sustained F chord and then the four gathered head to head and began chanting aum in tune with it.  Within moments, Aaron and Petra found themselves being propelled up through the ceiling.  Aaron seemed to be unsure of what to make of having been turned into a human comet.  As they flew, he gave off a trail of dust as his dense physical atoms were left behind.  Petra, who by this time was getting used to the unusual modes of travel since her adventure began, was thoroughly entertained by it.

When their flight ended, they found themselves inside the New City, in what appeared to be the reception area of a science lab. Recognizing the location and the person behind the desk, Aaron quickly recovered from the bewildering flight and resumed his role as Petra's guide.
  "This lab is actually a part of Richard's room, here in New Jerusalem.", he began. "His room has expanded to also include areas devoted to creative arts and philosophy and the complex is open to many of his Seeker friends.  He maintains one section as his private inner sanctum, but is most often found out here, studying among friends."

 As they came around to the front of the reception desk, Petra was a little startled by the appearance of the person that rose to meet them.  When they had first entered the room, she had noticed, from the back, that he appeared to just be stirring from a nap or meditation, but now, standing in front of her, it was quite clear that she was about to meet her first extraterrestrial.
   "Petra", Aaron began, "I'd like to introduce the fifth element of our teleportation meditation. This is Master Moses, from the planet Klarion, of the Sirius system. "
   Petra could only stand there smiling. A funny thought crossed her mind, that he didn't look Jewish, but she kept a check on herself, not wanting to make an intergalactic faux pas of diplomacy.
  "Shalom." greeted Moses. "No, Moses is not my real name. These guys can't seem to pronounce my name, so they call me Moses, because of the work I did on my home world, that led to my becoming a Master."
Actually, it was a little of both. Although his name cannot be spelled with earth alphabets, it sounds like one is singing the words "I Moses am" while simultaneously gargling and in the complete tale of his lives, he more closely resembles Hermes Trismegistus.  However, once they had started calling him Moses, he seemed to like it and it stuck.
   Petra was already feeling more comfortable and let out a giggle.  "You're a long way from home, Master."
   "It is closer than you think", he replied.  "There are some of us that can use the portal, at the top of this city, to pass freely between galaxies."

  "You mean that big eye, at the top of the pyramid?", she asked.
   "Exactly", he replied. "It's a kind of first ray wiring system, that interconnects workers.  I'm here as a kind of foriegn exchange student. It is a thrill to learn how your minds handle certain situations and I hope to share some of my experiences here.  We have a little study group, that meets here in the lab to study molecular relationships and ways to incorporate them into the human kingdom." 

   At this point, Aaron signaled for her to take a seat, where Moses could show her more, then he ventured to the other side of the lab to check on an experiment that he had begun the last time he was here.

  As she took her seat, beside Moses, she picked up a flask of water from the desk top, wondering if it was some of the "Living Water" .  With a flick of the wrist and nod of his head, he made it clear that it was indeed and that it had been put there for her refreshment.  He then waved his hand over the computer screen and brought up an image.
  "The little life forms, that make up the mineral kingdom, know time on a different scale than humans do.", he began.  "They have long since discovered the needs and benefits of joining together to form molecules.  In uniting, the atoms do not loose their individuality, while becoming a part of a new, higher life form. The new life form has powers that are greater than the sum of their individual powers. Every single bit of matter, in all of the universe, mirrors the desire of the One Mind that created it, to have endless experiences that raise the collective consciousness of All.  There is actually only one soul for the entire universe, but it sends out an infinite number of reflections of itself, each capable of it's own unique individual experiences.  These individualized souls are divided into seven basic types or classes.  When an individual has reached a level of relative perfection, within it's own class, it is qualified to move up to the next class, but it will have to wait for a certain number of it's fellow classmates to make the jump at the same time. "
   "If souls get such a thrill out of having new experiences, wouldn't this wait get a bit boring?", Petra inquired.  It made sense to her, that if souls had a natural impetus from God to grow, then waiting around, with nothing new to learn, would be very painful.

  "It would indeed be boring.", Moses assured her.  "And", he continued, "you are correct in your thinking that this would be a bad thing.  Fortunately, there are additional avenues, open to them, for continued experiences. The individual souls can gather together with others, to form a synthesized life form, which has a power to act, experience and learn, far greater than that of any of the individual souls that compose it."
   "That sounds like the sort of thing that happens when atoms of oxygen and hydrogen combine to form a molecule of water", Petra volunteered.

Moses clicked to a new chart on the computer and continued, "One eye may see a thing clearly, but two eyes, working together, gain a new power, the power to see distance.  A new dimension is added, where two act in unison. This is the way consciousness expands, in every kingdom. The next step, in the evolution of consciousness, is for the human kingdom to learn the lessons of cooperation, which will usher them into the God Kingdom."

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