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Petra [Page 20]

Page 20

    Petra and Aaron stepped through the portal together.  From the inside, the door appeared to be much like the one in her room, but his room was distinctly different. But, as her eyes took in more of the detail, she got the impression that, like hers, this room inspired worship of higher things.
  "I get the feeling that you have modeled it after some ancient temple" she said, approvingly.

  "Yes, indeed. In fact, the floor plan is scaled down from that of the Temple at Jerusalem.", he explained. "It's lines and geometry tell a story, to one versed in their language. It is a constant, visual reminder of the universal, ordered energies that I choose to sympathetically attune myself to."

   "At the head of the room, where one looks up to it, is a relief carving that I call, "The God of My Understanding". It's an ongoing art project that will take me the rest of time. I don't give explanations of the various symbols, within it, because all of the visitors here already understand them at different levels.", Aaron offered reverently.

   Petra set off exploring and soon stopped before a monitor on the wall. As she turned her head back to Aaron, he anticipated her question, telling her that it was just like the computer system in her room, except he had done away with the mouse and keyboard, in favor of voice control. A large book, on the bench below, could display the text and illustrations of anything he wanted to read. With the infinite technology, available here, he still liked the hands on feeling of reading a good book.

  Aaron led the way to the end of the room and sat down in the chair.  He was flanked by two columns. Although they were the only columns in the room, one could clearly see embossed circles on the floor and ceiling, in rows extending out from them. These represented other columns in the temple, which were not included in Aaron's room, allowing an unobstructed view.
   "The two columns are called Boaz and Jachin, the King and the Priest, supporting Salem, Heavenly Peace, and connect the earth with it.  This is my power chair.  When I sit here, I feel recharged with energies that help me to see ahead, initiate and lead.", he proclaimed.
   Touching his shoulder, Petra could feel the power and sensed that, with it, one could easily command the attention of a large gathering.

  Aaron rose and led her to a small raised circle, near the center of the room. He sat down on the floor, in a lotus position, and gestured for her to join him.
   "This spot represents the Holy of Holies.  It's the best spot I have ever found for meditation and soul contact.", he offered.
   Petra had not  found time to meditate, since her adventure had begun and welcomed the opportunity to join another in doing so.

  They both closed their eyes and began to chant "AUM", in unison.  The session was very fulfilling for both, but the peace, each experienced in past meditations, was replaced by a swelling of energy, which both perceived as a bright swirling light.

   As the light grew, each became aware from a standpoint that included both of them.  From this new perspective, their individual bodies were like two limbs of the same body.  Each had full access to the others thoughts and experiences, could see through their partner's eyes.  The senses extended out into the room and it felt like every atom present was sharing in the experience.

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