Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 10]

Page 10

 Petra stood and turned around. The couch melted before her and there, on the wall, appeared two columns, topped with an arch.  This was surely the making of a door, but to where.  She stepped up to it and touched it.

  The wall began to disolve and in it's place she saw a beautiful woman, floating in infinite space.  At first, Petra thought this must be an angel, but as they looked into each other's eyes she felt that this was someone very close to her.

  "Greetings young one", Petra heard, but it was not the normal sort of talking. This divine creature was communicating telepathically and answered Petra's next question, without it being spoken. 

   "I know you very well, but you will not know me for millions of years to come"
   "A riddle", thought Petra?
   "I bring only answers to riddles, for I am only your own self, that has travelled here from the future."
   There was no doubt in Petra's mind that this creature spoke the truth.  She wondered what sort of activities she might  be engaged in, so far into the future.

   "We are now known as Isha Ra El and our service is as what you might call that of Supreme Godess of a twin solar system, which in your time is still but a cloud of dust and gasses."
   "Whoa, Isha!", thought Petra, "Doesn't that go against the whole One God idea?"
   "We are still Human.  It is our understanding and alignment with higher beings that allows us to say that we are one with God. You are a god, in your own time, to the little lives of atoms, molecules and cells that are gathered together to form your body."
   "The atoms in my body are alive and conscious?", Petra questioned.
   "Yes" Isha responded. "All of creation is made up of the individualized thought of the One Ultimate Creator God, reflecting back on It.  As such, everything is conscious and alive."

   "Well, that makes perfect sense, now that you put it that way", Petra said aloud.
   Isha's smile brightened.  "You will come to understand this better, in the days to come.  For now, this is enough.  You may call on me, at any time, and I will return, so long as you are willing to listen."
   With that, Isha faded from view and the arch disolved.  At the same time, an arch appeared on the wall behind her.  Pleased with her first encounter, she was eager to see who might be found in this new arch.  She quickly crossed the room and placed her hand on the wall, within the arch.

   The wall remained solid.  There was nothing to be seen here but her own shadow. Perhaps it will take a few moments to activate, she thought.  Something did indeed begin to happen, so subtle she could scarcely tell if it was even really happening.  At times the shadow looked more like the image of a man, looking back at her from the other side of the wall.

   Now she got the distinct impresion that it was someone else and that this person was also reaching out to touch her hand, from his side of the wall.  She was overwhelmed with the feeling that here was a meeting with her soul mate.  She wanted to step right through that wall and meet this man that was making her knees feel weak, but such was not yet to be.  The image and the arch quickly faded from view.  She was sure that they would soon meet again, but for the moment she suddenly felt very much alone, again in her room.

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