Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 3]

page 3

   Petra decided that finding the source of this living water was a challenge equal to that of locating the mysterious structure and that the two mysteries might somehow  be linked.   Since she had yet to spot the structure, what better way to spend her time than a hike along it's banks, enjoying the colorful foliage along the way. The day was getting on and the sun had already dropped below the horizon, but when she got to the top of the falls she was greeted by an unusual site. Above a distant peak, she saw what looked like a miniature sun.  The light, below it, fanned out in a cone and reflected on the living water.

   As the sky darkened around it, it began to take on the shape of the structure that she had seen in her vision. She continued to stare at it, wondering if maybe it was just a mirage or some kind of hallucination, caused by drinking the water.

  But, as the sky darkened, the structure began to look all the more solid.

  And, when the sky had turnned completely black, this now solid form began moving her way.  Attempting to brace herself, for it's arrival, she found she had no foothold.  Her feet now dangled below her.  The structure was not moving.  She had again taken flight and was moving towards it.  It was a short flight, so she only had time for some general observations about the structure.  As in her vision, it appeared to be a pyramid within a cube.  Below the pyramid area there were twelve giant crystals, arranged in three layers.  Each layer revolved in different directions.  It was awesome to think that any crystal could be so large, let alone twelve.  Each of the crystals was a different translucent color and she would have tried to guess what kind of gems they might be, had her attention not been drawn to the features above them.  At the level of the base of the pyramid, on each side, was a row of large spheres, looking all together like a lumenescent pearl necklace.

   She was being drawn towards the right hand sphere of the wall facing her direction.  As she got closer, she could see that each of these spheres was really a swirl of sparkling light, each set in it's own ring. The rings reminded her of the stargates, she had seen in a movie.

   She noticed that each gate had a small sign at the top.  She hadn't been able 
to read the others, but this one was labeled "LEVI".

  She was reasonably sure that this had nothing to do with blue jeans, but could only tell herself to ask about it, given the opportunity, because, as she hovered before this huge pearl, a pair of Angels materialized as she watched in silence.

  Their welcoming smiles made Petra feel very comfortable, despite the fact that she felt they could see and know everything about her. The encounter was all to brief.   The Angels passed their hands over her and then said only, "You may pass.".  As they faded out of site, Petra felt herself being drawn into the swirling sphere of light.

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