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Petra [Page 18]

Page 18

   Petra and Aaron also were part of a tree planting ceremony, which is talked about in the New Jerusalem Meditation that Petra read about in her room.  When the circle broke up, Aaron wanted to show her a nearby lake, that some of them liked to frequent.  In a short time, they found themselves on the shore of a beautiful blue lake.  Without hesitation, Izzy marched right into the water, flipped over on his back and began gesturing for them to,  "Come on in, the water's fine", with one front leg.

  Petra applauded the idea and in a wink  both now had on swim wear.  Now, clothing isn't actually required, at this particular lake, but our two adventurers were well aware that Dixon Knight would be sure to include this in his chronicles and they wanted to save him the editing decision.
   "Is this the same as the water I landed in on the island below?", Petra asked.
   "Yes, but a lot more potent", he began.  "Our Father provides this unending supply of Living Water, to refresh our spirits.  It overflows, giving it's energies to the waters below."

   This was all the invitation Petra needed to dive right in.  Checking for obstacles, as any good diver should, she spotted a swimmer, just surfacing about ten yards out.
   "Bon jour, mon ami", hailed the swimmer. 

   "Hi Zah-Vee-Ay", returned Aaron. "Practicing, without me?" This lake was a favorite retreat for the boys.  They spent many hours together, working on plans to help the world, but always reserved some fun time for themselves, for a dip in the ol' swimmin'  hole.

  With that, Petra and Aaron both dove in and swam, side by side, to meet their company.  They kept breaking into laughter, as Izzy performed a variety of underwater stunts, along the way.

When they joined company, Petra, master of several languages, couldn't help but ask what Zah-Vee-Ay meant.  Their companion took this opportunity to clarify a misunderstanding on Aaron's part.  Aaron had never seen his name in print and since most Americans usually mispronounce it, he had sounded it out. 

   "My name is Xavier, X-A-V-I-E-R.", he explained. But, whatever he may have wished to be called, Petra just called him "Zah", from then on. 

   The last time Aaron and Zah had been to the lake, they had practiced the baptism rites, taught to their group by Joe.  "Did Aaron bring you here to get baptized?", Zah asked Petra. 

   "Uh, gee, I did not know I would have to join any religion.", she began, feeling a bit uncomfortable.  "I've always been into spiritual things, but I've never felt the need to join any religions. " 

   The boys were both quick to point out that, to them, baptism wasn't a part of a religion, but rather, something friends did for each other, often, to help give each other a fresh start.

  "Oh, that's different then, go ahead.", she responded.  It seemed the perfect way to mark the transition in her current life when she was accepted into the community of New Jerusalem.  From this day on, her life would be officially devoted to teaching the world about the things she found here. 

  The boys positioned themselves on either side of her and as they immersed her Aaron proclaimed, "I baptize you in the name of the Father , and in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Ghost... AUMAN."

   When the boys returned her to an upright position, Petra was quite pleased to find that the effect was indeed much more potent than what she had felt after her splash down on the island below.  It seemed, to her, that her whole being was so clean that it glowed, if only in her mind.  She wasn't the only one that noticed.  Aaron and Zah could see the glow and were somewhat awed by it. They had only recently learned the practice and this was the most favorable reaction they had yet seen.

   Zah was the sort of person that didn't buy into miracles and magic.  There is a science behind every miracle and it's only magic if you don't know how the trick is done.  With that tack, he directed the conversation to the hypothesis he had been working on, before they arrived at the lake.  Having read that Christ's followers would one day do everything He did and more, Zah was practicing changing the relative density of matter, using a certain frequency of thought waves.  Then, he got the funniest look on his face and began to raise up out of the water.  In a matter of a few seconds, he had risen to where he was now standing on the surface, his feet pressing somewhat into it, as if it were like mud or gelatin.  He began making his way, cautiously, to the shore. 

   "I have to get back to work.", he said, waving farewell.  "I'll bet you two could walk on water too! Try it."

  They asked about the frequency of thought, needed to do the trick, but Zah just laughed at them and said to ask Peter Pan.  The clue must have worked, because Aaron and Petra took each others hands and began laughing, as they too rose to the surface.  By the time they were standing on the surface, their bodies were dry and their swimsuits were replaced by the clothes they had worn here.

   Aaron's light hearted mood was further enhanced when the words to a song, written by his friend Richard, came to mind.

"Don't need fancy wheels or clothes, 
To get myself a date, 
Just take her for a quiet stroll 
On top of any lake."

  And so, they strolled and the bond grew stronger between them.  After all, how many people have ever done this together?
  Aaron thought she might be interested in seeing the point where the lake overflowed and so they headed across to the far side.

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