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Petra [Page 19]

Page 19

    As they walked, Petra noted that walking on water was nothing like she had imagined it would be.  This only helped to confirm, to them, that the feat was no mere illusion.  In fact, Aaron and Petra were both able to duplicate the experience, any time and on terrestrial waters, from this day on.

   The first surprise was that the surface of the water was not slippery.  At the relative densities needed to walk on water, the surface now seemed much more viscous and somewhat tacky, more like walking on a thick piece of foam rubber.  It takes a bit more effort to walk on water, kind of like going up stairs.

   What really took some getting used to was the action of the waves and ripples.  The waves were like an undulating floor, requiring one to keep their knees slightly bent to avoid being toppled like a bowling pin.  The ripples felt like a low frequency vibration, which Petra found to be very ticklish on the souls of her feet.

   As they approached the spillway, the rapidly moving water reminded Aaron of something else that his friend, Richard, wrote.  The thoughts gave rise to some possible sport the two of them might try.  He directed Petra's attention to a landmark on the opposite shore and asked her to see if see could walk a straight line to it.

   Petra responded, playfully, by taking a giant step in the right direction.  Her mood shifted abruptly when the current caught her foot and propelled her downstream.  She almost lost her footing, but managed to spin around and make a dash back to the starting point.

  When she reached Aaron, she veered off on a course towards the center of the lake, running at full speed.  Aaron, who already had planned on the same direction, joined in the chase.  The pair ran, diagonally upstream and this took them straight across to the other side.

  As they reached the shore, Petra noticed that their landmark had now sprouted an archway, that hadn't been there when they began.

   She had seen arches like this, in her room, and asked, "Where do you supose this leads to?"
   "Oh,", he replied.  "That's probably my doing.  I sometimes use a short cut between here and my room.  I was thinking of inviting you to see my room.  The arch must have known I would want to skip the long walk back."

 As they stood before the arch, a view of the interior of Aarons room flickered within.

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