Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 8]

page 8

   As she began to stir, the room responded with an increase of light.  As she opened her eyes, it took several moments to realize that she was still in her room in the New City and that it wasn't just something she had been dreaming.

   Then, she sat up, with all the excitement of a child on Christmas morning.   But, as she scanned the room, wondering just what delightful discoveries the new day had in store, it began to dawn, in her mind, that something was very different from what it had been.  Inspecting her own form, she couldn't find the words to describe what was different, but a vague analogy of comparing a photo, to the real thing, quickly ran through her mind.

   Well, perhaps she was not fully awake, or it was a trick of the light in this place, but the day was new and there were things to do.  She sprang to her feet and as she headed for the chest of drawers, the bed retreated into the floor.

  She checked the contents of each of the drawers, knowing that she would find something a little less rustic than what she had worn on her journey.  The tan skirt seemed the natural choice, comfortable and a shade less butch than her hiking gear, which she placed in the drawer.  Though the floor looked like stone, it was as soft and warm as plush carpet, so she didn't bother to put on any footwear.

  She was sure that she could find all kinds of ways to keep herself busy, but thought it might be a good idea to try contacting Glenda again, to see if her hosts had an agenda planned for the day.

   She spent a few moments, looking at the equipment.  It looked much like any other computer, except without all the jumble of wires in back.  There was no power chord or cables, but then why should it be any different than from anything else in this place.  She decided that it wasn't even neccesary to turn the thing on, saying simply, "You there, Glenda?"

   Instantly, the face of her guide was on the screen. "G'day, sleeping beauty", Glenda opened with.  Then, "Oh wow, girl, you are becoming."  That left Petra at a loss for words.  Surely her simple skirt addition hadn't made that much of a difference. But then, Glenda added, "I'll bet you haven't conjured up a mirror for your room yet.  Wait, I'll loop the video back, so you can see what I'm talking about."  With that, Glenda lowered her eyes and appeared to be fumbling for the right button to push, then, raising them again, with a wink, said, "check it out!"


   For at least two seconds, Petra thought her guide must have got the wrong button and brought up someone else's image, but as the face on the screen mirrored her every movement, it hit home with a jolt.  She reeled back, in amazement and might have landed on the floor, if it had not been for the chair, coming out of nowhere and placing itself in the way. 

   That got both of them laughing out loud. When she could finally string a few words together, Petra said, "Yes, I AM BECOMING, aren't I."
   "You got it" Glenda responded, between chuckles.  "And that will be an ongoing topic, with the folks you meet here.", she added.  "We'll talk more, later, but right now I have a group of students, gathering in my kitchen and I see you are about to get another visitor of your own."

  "Okay, thanks", Petra replied, still giggling.  Then, as the screen went blank, she heard a knock at her door.  She spun the chair around and stood up. Then, in her sweetest voice, she sang out, "Come in, friend." 

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