Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 4]

Page 4

   Inside the sphere was like being in a blinding snow blizzard.  It was hard to tell which way was forward, but she began to make swimming motions and then walking and in a moment she found herself stepping into a large room.  Or maybe it was a court yard.  It was not easy to tell, because there was bright golden light, streaming in from above and in the center there was a fountain, the sound from which reverberated from the walls.  Along the walls, there were a number of closed doors to be seen.  Her passage through the Levi Gate had somehow quickened her vibrations and she now felt an increased sense of love and joy.

   Feeling like a school girl on spring break, she was irresistibly drawn forward to explore.  The door, at the far end of the hall, seemed almost to be calling her by name and that fountain, could it also contain the same Living Waters, that she had, so recently enjoyed.

   She decided to head for the door, with the idea of stopping, for a quick taste of the water, along the way.  As she approached the fountain, she heard a  click, echo through the hall.

  She studied the door, on the wall to her right, for a moment, to see if it was the source. Satisfied that all was again quiet, she returned her gaze to the direction of the fountain, only to be startled by the sudden appearance of a man, bathed in the golden light from above.  I say man, but to our, now petrafied, Petra, this handsome young man, in such heavenly surroundings, could be no less than a god. 

   "Hello Petra. Welcome to the City of New Jerusalem.", he said with a Nordic  accent.  "What is it that you are looking for?", he asked, ever so kindly.  She felt complete trust in him and began to share her story.  Sensing that he already knew the details, she said only, "I sense that I have a room, in this heavenly palace, and I'm trying to find it."

  " And, do you know the the keyword for this coming age", he asked.  Only one word popped into her mind and she dared speak it. "Service?" 
   His smile assured her that she had spoken well. "My name is Samuel", he offered.  "I'm here to show you to your room, where you will prepare yourself for service", he informed her, as they began walking towards the very door that had first attracted her interest.

   When they arrived, he opened the door for her and explained, "Rest yourself and begin to think of these three things you must do in preparation for this service." 

   "First, mankind is a single living wholeness. How much do you really love them and how much are you prepared to give." 
   "Second, what tools will you need, to increase your power to serve." 
   "Third, you will be part of a group, working together in service.  Begin linking with them, telepathically. Feel your group drawing together".

   "Thanks, Sami", she said as she set foot in her new room.  She had already decided it was okay to call him that, feeling a closeness with him, one gets with friends, family and lovers.  Now, as the door was closing behind her, her attention was quickly taken up by her new habitat. This certainly didn't look like the room in her vision. It was nothing more than a cube, twelve by twelve by twelve, painted with glowing white paint.  "Definitely a fixer-upper", she joked to herself.

  And then, as if in answer, the floor changed to the color of wood. "Cool", she said, "It looks good on you and I shall have a much easier time of telling which way is up."  Somehow, she wasn't the least bit concerned that she was talking to the floor, as if it were a dear friend.  In fact, there was a strange feeling that this whole structure felt more like a living being, rather than just a building.

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