Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 2]


   That her destination was 1400 miles away meant nothing to her, because even though it took several hours, it felt like only minutes. If there had been any bugs, at that altitude, she surely would have been picking them off her teeth, because, for most of the trip, her broad smile made them a vulnerable target.
   Before she knew it, her mystery island loomed before her.

   She began scanning the island, from her high vantage point, but there was no sign of the structure that she had seen in her meditation.  What she did notice was how green the island looked.  How could this chunk of seafloor have become so fertile in such a short time?

   As she zoomed in, another sight attracted her attention. It was a waterfall and she sudenly realized her first flight was beginnng to make her tired and thirsty.  With that thought, she shifted to a feet first position and began a rapid descent.  She had picked out, what looked like a good landing spot on a grass covered knoll, but as she was about to land she realized the plant life was much more mature than she had first calculated and she quickly changed her flight path to avoid a full grown birch.

   Her first flight ended in a splash landing.

   "However did you get to be so big" she asked the out of place tree.  But, if the tree had answered, she didn't hear it, for she had begun to notice something truly wonderful. Far from being an inconvenience, her unplanned bath was the most exhilarating sensation she had ever experienced.  She cupped her hands together and scooped a sample to her lips and then bent to drink directly from the source.  Now she understood the secret of the rapid plant grown on this island, because the way she felt now made it seem like the rest of her life she had been no more than a stone statue. Even the colors seemed brighter. The phrase, "Living Waters", comes to mind. 

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