Monday, December 8, 2014

Petra [Page 6]

page 6

  ‘I’ll give you a link, from your computer, that will let you read about how most of us get there, before I sign off’.

‘Say, can you tell me about that gate I came through. And what the word “Levi” meant?

   ‘The 12 gates are named after the 12 tribes of Israel which represent the consciousness of humankind.  You came in through the Levi gate.  The Levis are the true teachers of the Word of God; the true priesthood. They are the mediators between God and man and their destiny is to unite all humanity through the Spirit of the One God.  You would do well to ponder on this as you contemplate your life purpose’, said Glenda meaningfully.

‘But enough talk for now’ said Glenda.

 ‘Before I go, here's that link I promised. Just hit the "Home" key, on your keyboard, and you can read all about it.’

  Petra thanked Glenda and was already anticipating their next chat, as she hit the "Home"  key and began to read.

  She finished the article and then got up and turned the computer off. Time now for a little exploration of her expanded chamber.

   Petra loved playing any musical instrument she could get her hands on.  She just knew that the pipe organ, in her room, would have magic qualities and couldn't wait to try a few notes on it.

   As she bent over the keys, she noticed the open music book had nothing written on the pages.  "Perhaps it is waiting for me to write in it.", she mused.  "Or maybe it will write itself.", she added, feeling that either could come to pass, in this wonderous place.

  Then, she pressed a single key, to see if the organ was turned on.  What came out is truly beyond all description. As that single note swelled and reverberated off the stone walls, it seemed not to come from the pipes, but rather from within her very soul. A chill went up her spine and the hair on the back of her neck stood up. The entire room became a blaze of undulating rainbow fire, to the sound of a choir of angels singing hallelujah. She quickly drew her finger away, but the sound seemed to take several seconds to fade to silence.  Her knees felt weak and her skin warm. "Whew", she whistled, "You could play chopsticks and put an end to war, with this thing."

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