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Petra [Page 23]

Page 23

Petra sat, marveling at the revelation, that mankind would progress to the next level of evolution, by cooperative living. Her contemplation was soon interrupted, as Aaron called her to come see something in an old book, which  he had pulled from a shelf in the lab.

Moses gave a knowing nod, indicating that she should rejoin Aaron and she could somehow sense that He had finished and was wanting to be about more important business of His own. As she walked over to where Aaron was standing, Moses bid them peace and faded from view.

"The Master's talk, of two eyes seeing a new dimension, reminded me of this picture", Aaron began. "I've been facinated with it for years, but have often wished that there was a way of seeing it in more detail."

Petra studied the picture, for a moment, then had a flash of inspiration. "Since New Jerusalem seems to produce an environment that matches our thinking, perhaps we could use it, like a Star Trek Holodeck, to create a 3D model of this picture." 

"Girl, you must have read my mind", he said with a wink. "And, I know the perfect room, where we can try it.  There is a large circular hall, where meetings are sometimes held. " 

And so, our adventuresome pair set off to find the Roundroom. Their path included the same hallway that their rooms were located on, so they decided to make a quick stop, before proceding on. To their delight, Dixon Knight had left a package in Petra's room, addressed to Aaron.  Dixon , self appointed, chronicler of Petra's adventures, had produced a promotional T-shirt and wanted Aaron to have the first one.  Aaron had the shirt on in a heartbeat. He wanted Petra to know that he was her number one fan. Petra enjoyed the attention and, in a wink of the eye, changed her attire to a red dress, calculated to show her man that he had her full attention. Costumes changed, they proceeded, hand in hand, to the next scene.

"The Roundroom," Aaron explained, "is used for various ceremonies, formal initiations and meetings. We can see two balcony levels, but there are several levels above them, which our eyes can't see. The highest level, I am told, is shared by beings from many worlds and universes."
"More than one universe?", she asked. "I thought the word universe meant everything there is."
"Indeed," he informed her, "but an individual or group is limited by their ring-pass-not, as to how much of the big picture they can see. Many mistakenly believe they understand what God and His universe are, when in reality they are still relatively clueless, even about who or what they themselves really are."

Since they had the roundroom to themselves and there was a spiral staicase leading to the first balcony, Aaron suggested they work from there, to get a grander perspective.  Because the room was round and unfurnished, it was difficult to judge the immense area encompassed by this hall. It wasn't until after taking longer than expected, to walk to the stairs, and taking the first few steps up that she realized that the room could easily contain many thousands of spectators.  As they reached their new higher vantage point, the lights began to slowly dim and Aaron began to narrate.

"Before time itself began, the pure and immeasurably great, Perfect One is. Throughout Eternity, the question of "to be or not to be" was before the Perfect One.  When the One placed It's attention on this decision, consciousness was brought forth. The Trinity of decision-attention-consciousness manifests as a light around the One, the wellspring from which comes all worlds and life."

Petra, seeing eye to eye with Aaron, picks up the narration from here.
"The One actively beholds Itself  in the Water of Life and  becomes Two, He, the invisible Father and She, the first power and glory, the image of the Spirit.  Her Light resembles the Father's Light and is reflected back to Him. The meeting of these two great lights produces the Firstborn Child, the seed from which all lifeforms come forth."

"The Child receives the unspoken Word from It's Father and in speaking it creates all that is.  Like a great central nervous system, connecting mind and body, The Child is the interface between spirit and matter.  By whatever name you may call it, Soul, Monad, the Christ Principle, it is the link that joins heaven and earth."

Delighted and inspired by their 3D revelation, Aaron and Petra find themselves magnetically drawn together, into what we, mere mortals living in a realm of time and sequence, see as their first kiss. As their lips met, in this magical place, time lost all meaning. This is a union that always was and always will be. 
It is an Eternal Kiss. 
Blessed indeed is anyone that has ever known a kiss such as this.

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