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Petra [page 25]

Page 25

The elevator delivered them to the lobby of the Santa Fe hotel, in Dallas, Texas.  As the door closed behind them, Aaron stood, getting his bearings, while Petra, with Izzy rolling along at her feet, boldly advanced in the quest to locate their friend.  As soon as she rounded the corner, she spotted him, coming down the stairs from the mezzanine.

As Aaron rounded the corner, Richard spotted them, gave a wave, and greeted them.  His entrance had a triumphal air, like that of a movie star arriving on stage.  Indeed, he often felt his mortal self little more than an act that had to be performed.  Even the woman that was passing him on the stairs seemed to pick up that there was something about him. She was wondering if she had seen him on TV or in the news. She didn't escape his radar either.  Had he not already caught the attention of his friends in the lobby, his course might easily have been diverted.

As he joined his friends, Petra and Aaron each took up one of his hands simultaneously. All three saw, in an instant, that they now had a triad, requiring only that Petra and Aaron also hold hands. As they closed the circle, each began to chant OM, after which Aaron led them in the song of 144,000. 

"While we're at it," Richard said, let's include The Great Invocation," 

From the point of Light 
within the Mind of God 
Let light stream forth into 
the minds of men. 
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love 
within the Heart of God 
Let love stream forth into 
the hearts of men. 
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the 
Will of God is known 
Let purpose guide the little 
wills of men --- 
The purpose which the 
Masters know and 

From the centre which we 
call the race of men 
Let the Plan of Love and 
Light work out. 
And may it seal the door 
where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and 
Power restore the Plan 
on Earth.

Infused with joy and peace from the song and invocation, the three gathered around a table in the lobby.  Since this was Richard's current home, he felt it his position to open the discussion to the business at hand. 

"I'm sure there is no coincidence to y'all arriving only minutes before Father Adelphi's seminar", he began.  "We are all of one mind, when it comes to allowing others to follow their chosen life's path, live and let live, but something is telling us that this guy is closing the door to life, for as many as he can.

Who will be next?

Going to the meeting

Richard meets J., before entering

A Seeker of Truth

Front row seats

An unearned authority?

Some can see through the glamour

 J. Can't resist having a say

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