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Petra [Page 5]

page 5

  "Well", she told herself, "there's lots to think about.  They might have, at least, provided a folding chair."  Undaunted by the sparseness of her new environment, she decides to have a seat on the floor.  Perhaps some meditating will provide some more clues.

   You can well imagine her surprise, when half way to the floor her bottom was greeted by a plush office chair.  "Whoa!!!"  She waited a few moments, while her heartbeat returned to normal.  "Dorothy is most definitely not in Kansas any more.", she joked to herself.   It was begining to dawn on her, that both the floor and the chair had appeared just after she had thought of them.   Dare she ask for more?   She thought, carefully, remembering countless stories of wasted third wishes, then ventured, directing her question to the room itself, "Can I have the latest in communication devices, so I can talk to someone in the know?"

   In less time than it takes to tell about it, the wall bulged and out slid a desk, topped with a complete computer system.   She knew, right away, that the computer was running a video chat program.  The face on the screen began to smile and Petra could sense that here was a being of great wisdom, power and love.

   ‘Hi Petra.  It’s so good to see you here!  My name is Glenda and I’m here to answer any questions you may have.’ 

   ‘Questions!’, said Petra incredulously.  I have thousands!  Where to begin.’ 
OK, what is this place, who comes here, what’s it made of, where did it come from, how…….’

  ‘Hey, one at a time.’ said Glenda laughing. 
Do your remember at Sunday School hearing about the holy city of New Jerusalem which  is supposed to be in heaven? 

   ‘Yes” said Petra, ‘but it sounded a bit way out to me, even though a part of me wished it was true’.
   ‘Well, it is true and this is it!’ said Glenda with a smile.
   Petra felt her heart leap within her as she intuitively knew that Glenda spoke the truth. 
   ‘Wow!  I’m in the holy city!?’
   ‘Yes, you are.  It is a place of indescribable joy and peace built by the Father Himself for those who are faithful to the Spirit within them. 

   Petra closed her eyes, for a moment, to savor the thought and when she again opened them, her room had adjusted itself to reflect her thinking. The wall behind the desk now sported a beautiful stained glass window.  A quick glance, over each shoulder, reveiled that the room had fashioned itself after a chapel she had once visited in Scotland. 

    ‘Nice touch’ said Glenda,  ‘you learn fast. ’

   ‘So can only Christians come here?’ said Petra thinking of her Buddhist friend back home. 

   ‘Oh no.  It is for anyone who follows the highest that they know, irrespective of beliefs, creeds etc. God loves everyone without favor.  Later, you will learn that the inhabitants come from 12 different star systems.  A bit like Mos Eisley Cantina, in Star Wars, only God is here.’ 

   ‘God is here!!’ said Petra excitedly.  ‘Do I get to meet Him?’ 

   ‘All in good time’ smiled Glenda.  ‘Do you have any other questions about NJ?’

  ‘Did everyone travel here as I did’ asked Petra thinking of her thrilling journey.

  ‘No’, said Glenda.  ‘Most of us come here through a process of visualization.  It enables people of like mind and heart to gather together whenever they like.  For us, this is our real home because this is where our hearts are’. 

   ‘Well, I can feel that!’  said Petra moved by Glenda’s words.

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