Tuesday, March 1, 2016

PXL, world gift

OK, here it is, my gift to the world. Relatively weak, soft, light weight materials, when joined in a crystal assembly become a greater being, whose strength is far greater than the sum of it's parts. The above triangle raft is made up of hundreds of one meter triangle balloon cells. The raft, if placed on three columns, would be a roof that is rigid enough to stand on. Two people could carry it to the water. When fully inflated, you can carry over 16 tons on it.

An important part in developing PXL construction was to get it down to a simple principle, that anybody could make use of. In school, we were taught about how all tools used only a handful of principles, including levers, pulleys, incline plane, etc. Well here is a new tool principle that makes diamonds from balloons. Many different materials could be used for PXL cells. Even primitive people could make them from local materials. Triangle mats, laced together to form 4 and eight sided chambers, which get stuffed with things that float. So now, ANYBODY in the world can make their own island, place it in the open ocean and live by their own rules.

So, here I am, retired, not rich. How do I buy my own island? I think PXL technology will work here too. I make pretty illustrations, with fairy tale backgrounds and a cute white bunny/lingerie model my chief sales model. Sha is all about Great Adventures and soon all her readers are building islands of their own. They form a committee and decide to build a floating home for Sha, in the middle of their growing nation. In return for life time free rent, Sha's home/workshop is open to the public and kids of all ages come to learn new science tricks. Be sure to attend Sha's "How to walk on water" class.

Yes, this does sound like a fairy tale, but I'm trying to prove that, if you imagine something clearly, it will become manifested in the world of form.

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