Saturday, March 5, 2016

PXL Photo Contest

This type of construction is new and will take time for people to start using it. No amount of words and pictures can accurately communicate  how impressive PXL construction is. As soon as you begin connecting these cells together, you'll be saying all that and more.
As a preview of their usefulness, I have made available, in Second Life, a free PXL cell kit. The kit contains single triangle cells, instructions and some pre-fab assemblies. Along with this, we will have a contest, lasting 3 months, in the SL Newser, for the best photograph/picture of a large, floating structure, built from PXLs. Prize is L$5,000. As pictures come into  the Newser, new ones could be posted weekly. In June, the staff votes for the best of and awards the prize. The Kits are full perm, so can be copied and made any color. I'm looking forward to what other peoples imaginations come up with. The pictures will also aid in promoting PXL technology in the real world.

I wonder, maps of all ages have N-S-E-W, 4 arrow keys on the keyboard. After living on a PXL island, would people give triangle coordinates, instead of squares?

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