Saturday, February 27, 2016

PXL buoyancy

Using the same calculations as ones used on on the 4X raft, I added a row of PXLs, creating a 5X, and found this assembly would support almost 12 tons.

Still looking at ways to simplify building, by combining triangles and bladders into single units, I go back into TurboCAD, where the 3D mesh was made to scale. The flange triangle and the center, inflated area are two separate objects, so I queried the volume.

In practice, PXL cells, when connected to others, do not become fully inflated. The volume and water displacement would be less, but would still be good for PXL rafts and structures on top.. Where additional buoyancy is needed, in areas that carry more weight, extra bladders in octahedron cores can be added.

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