Friday, February 26, 2016


I recently bought TurboCAD software and quickly mastered building my first 3D mesh PXL cell. I can assemble them in Second Life to make illustrations of my invention.
   Here are my latest pics of the new mesh PXLs.

This small island is built from 115 cloth triangle panels, enclosing 31 air bladders. The triangles are one meter on each side. The total volume of the air bladders is 7.18 cubic meters. In ocean water, this little raft can float over 8 tons.

Structures are ultra-light weight, yet rigid and strong. It is a 3D honeycomb. Any force, directed on one section will be distributed to the entire assembly.

I haven't calculated the weigh of this raft, but it would probably be light enough for one person to pick up and move on land.

The principle is so simple, anybody could build them. Instead of bladders, you could fill them with recycled empty water bottles, maybe even pumice or cork.

Two of these small units can support 16 tons. Everything I've owned in this life weighs less than that.

In theory, you could build a bridge over any large body of water. You could build whole cities on water. I have also done calculations of how these could make flying cities.

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