Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Other Cyclops on the net

Having told of being inspired my a book, called "Eternal Words", by J.J. Dewey [ISBN 0-9665053-4-4], I tried my hand at making a cyclops and it even inspired a contest, with a L$3,000 prize. I began to wonder if I was the only person that ever tried to create an attractive cyclops, so I Googled it and found quite a few images. None, so far are avatars, but here are a few that impressed me.

This artist did an upgrade on Leela, from Futurerama.

Awww, who doesn't think babys are cute?

A children's book for 25 cents. How old is that?

Makes me wonder, do cyclops babies cry half as much?

I guess they grow up just as fast.

Cyclops (1)
Would you be her friend, on Facebook?

He looks horny

I like his music. Never knew he was a cyclops.

Oh great! What next, Angelina Jolie?

Me and my big mouth.

Cyclops-Toys-in-Toy Story
To infinity and beyond? I think that's a good place to stop.

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