Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cyclops Sha

I mentioned, in a previous article, reading a book called "Eternal Words", by J.J. Dewey, wherein he meets a beautiful Cyclops. This is my latest attempt at creating a cute cyclops girl in SL [ver.3.3]
The first version was a flat prim mask. The second was a sculpted anime head. This one is a mesh head and it is covered by a third attempt at making a texture for it. There will be at least one more tweak, to shade the old eye sockets to make them look filled out.

In the nearly 4 years, i've been in SL, there are very few things that haven't been made, somewhere in world. I think I am the first to make an attractive cyclops and I challenge other designers to come up with a better one. I'd buy it :)

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