Friday, October 25, 2013

Sha Shop Redemption

Sha Shop Redemption

My favorite places to shop

In a recent staff meeting at the Newser HQ, it was suggested that we could use more fashion articles. As a renowned shopaholic, I think my views might be worthy of attention. Here then is my list of favorites, based on the number of items, in my inventory, from each. I won't give locations or prices, but will name them, give [#] of articles I have, and details that I like about them. They are listed in decending order.

Bootgasm [50 items] This shop takes up a whole sim and sells shoes and boots for men and women. If you join their group, they have monthly group gifts for $1. They also have 3 prize chairs, on the East side of the store. Each chair picks a new, random letter, every 20 minutes. If your name begins with the letter and you sit in the chair, you get the free item. By making a LM, near the chairs, and visiting daily, you are sure to get at least one new pair each week (most of mine I got this way). The footwear is nicely designed and worth having. In addition, they also have a clothing department.

Bad Kitty [24 items] I learned of this shop when I was a professional dancer. Most of the clothing can be found in regular and with clothing appliers for most brands of prim breasts (implants). Their clothing is for women only. In the back of the store, there is one prize chair, which changes letters every 10 minutes.The clothing is high quality and the owner id friendly and helpful.

Sirena Hair [19 items] This outdoor, island shop has hair for men and women. The hairs are flexi and look great when you dance. Many of them are animated. For example, typing /2 hair up, or down, in local chat, will make the hair either straight or in a pony tail or braid, or updo, depending on the style. Each style can be bought in one of 15 single colors, with 4 shades and three sizes (12 hairs total), or a fatpak of all colors (180 hairs), for about what 5 single color one would cost. Great deal!!! I have other hair brands, but you will almost always see me wearing one from Sirena.

Heroes [10 items] This is a nightclub in a cave. As you enter, turn right and you will find the shop. Women's costumes are on the main floor, men's downstairs. They have more heroes than I knew existed. They are well designed and very affordable. They are worth buying, even if just for use at rare theme parties. They also have a prize chair and I picked up my latest one there, while researching for this article (haven't even opened it yet). Many of the women's costumes have appliers for implants available.

Blak Opal [7 items] If Steampunk and Pirates are your thing, this shop is a must see. They have costumes for men and woman. Many come with prim attachments and the textures are very beautifully detailed.

Aqua Kisses [7 items] Sexy clothes for women. All come with appliers for implants. They have 3 prize chairs, with 10 minute cycle.

<P3>Pixel Perfect Productions [6 items] Going to a theme party and can't find the perfect costume? Check out <P3> They probably have what you need. Last time I checked, they have 4 prize chairs. Clothes for men and women.

Edelfabrik [5 items] Contemporary styles for the young ladies. You'll be a sugar daddy magnet in these hottie clothes.

Curious Kitties [4 items]  Mesh clothing. I think the designer is Japanese. These items got me started wearing mesh. Style? The word coz play comes to mind.

If you want to make your own clothes, the best full perm clothes to work with are from Himeko's, prim and mesh female clothes elements and Nian Design, male and female mesh clothes.

Last, but not least, Sha's Boutique, downstairs at club Zero G. My own line of boots, dresses and jackets for women and jackets for men. I'm not in it for the money. I give away as much as I sell. Free Sunweaver jackets and Sunweaver Bay Fire Department jacket and helmet, for all who ask.

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